Best of Eucalan: Our Top Spring Posts

Ah, spring! A time when everything feels fresh and new, or at least you want it to feel that way! Spring is indeed a great time to freshen up your home and wardrobe, but that doesn’t mean it has to be all work. Here’s a round-up of our top spring posts to get you in the mood to freshen up your wardrobe, your home, and your routine!

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With Earth Day upon us, here are 4 ways to celebrate Earth Day all year round.

But it’s not all cleaning – you have to make time for a bit of fun! Click the links below for crafts, recipes and fun decor ideas.

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Of course, this list wouldn’t be complete without our most recent spring post, all about the best way to shift your wardrobe from winter clothes to spring.

Happy Spring, everyone!







Season Shift: Packing Away Winter Coats & Clothes

Ah, spring! It always feels like a relief to be switching back into lighter clothing and jackets, getting outside to watch the leaves beginning to bud and spring flowers popping up all over the place.  With the changing of seasons, much of our winter wardrobe will be set aside and our spring and summer clothes will be coming back into circulation.  Some people have their clothes in their closets year year-round regardless of the weather, while others pack things away when the seasons shift. Regardless of your storage preference, it’s worth taking some time to properly care for the winter clothes, coats, and accessories that you probably won’t wear again for another 6 months (hopefully!).

To Prep your Winter Clothes:

  1. Gather together all the clothes that you are unlikely to wear until the fall, including heavy winter coats. Consult our handy guide fo caring for your winter coat to decide if you are going to wash it yourself or take it to a dry cleaner.
  2. Wash everything. For your sweaters (either handmade or store bought), it is worth taking the time to de-pill so that when you pull them out again in the fall they look fresh and ready to wear. Washing sweaters yourself is also very easy – we have a great video to show you exactly how it’s done.
  3. Make sure everything is dry before returning it to your closet, or store in air-tight storage containers. Vacuum seal storage bags can also be great for this. If hanging items, do not hang any heavy long sleeved items like your sweaters, as the hangers will leave dents in the shoulders when hung for a long period of time.

Winter accessories like hats, mittens/gloves, and knit scarves need attention during this time to prevent stains and keep them looking their best.  We have a great overview here on caring for your winter accessories before packing them away for spring.

Moths are a harsh reality for some. Even if you have never had any, there’s always a chance they could happen, and they are more prevalent in big cities and urban centers. As it’s extremely difficult to get rid of moths once they discover your closet is full of delicious sweaters, preventative care is really worth it.  If you store out-of-season clothes somewhere outside of your home (for example:  a garage, shed, or storage locker), you will definitely want to use storage containers that are airtight and cannot easily be opened by temperature shifts or even clever critters.

As you begin to pull out your spring and summer clothes,  they may be wrinkly and looking tired. They may even show food or drink spots you never knew were there, especially if you forgot to clean them before setting them aside for winter.

To Review your Spring/Summer Clothes:

  1. Pull out anything you haven’t worn in the last 6 months from your closet or storage containers.
  2.  If there are any items that don’t fit well or you don’t love anymore, put them aside to donate to a local charity.
  3.  For the remaining items,  wash gently with your favourite scent of Eucalan, either by hand or in the washing machine, according to their care instructions. Hang items to dry, away from sunlight or strong heat sources.

Now you are ready to wear your beautiful spring clothes!

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