Our Top 5 Spring Activities

It’s finally starting to feel like spring and we’re delighted to spend more time outdoors. Today we’ve put together a list of our favourite spring activities to break the winter blues.

Plant Something Green

Spring is a time for renewal and growth and the perfect time to plant something in the ground! Whether it’s a few flowers for some colour or fruits and vegetables for summer eating, enjoy the sunshine and renewable energy. If you’re looking for something fun to do with little ones, start some seeds in soil pellets or small pots and watch them grow!

Tomato Seedling Being Started In Soil Pellets

Head to the Park for a Picnic

It’s finally sunny and warming up, and it’s the perfect time to enjoy the sunshine outdoors. Grab a blanket and a few toys for the park, and head out to soak up some rays and enjoy a meal together as a family. We can’t wait to try these Quick & Easy Walking Tacos from Eating on a Dime – the kids will love them!


Or maybe you’d like to get away for an afternoon of fun. Whether it’s hanging with your best buds or enjoying a little romance with your partner, these Tips for a Perfect Spring Cheeseboard from The Edit are the perfect portable snack to pack.


And don’t forget the Eucalan Wipes for spills and messes that need quick treating!

Fly a Kite

While you’re in the park, what better activity is there than flying a kite? We found some great tutorials on Pinterest for building your own kites, but we especially love this DIY Fabric Kite tutorial from Zest it Up! Build your kite before you head to the park (or the beach) and watch it soar in the air. A slightly breezy day is best for this one!


Visit a Farm to see the Animals

Do you live near a farm or a zoo? Spring means babies! Head out to see those brand new babies before they grow up. Or if you can’t get out to see the baby animals, bring them to your living room. Check out the Zooborns Instagram account which shares the most adorable baby animals from zoos and aquariums worldwide!

Shopping at Farmers’ Markets

Spring and summer mean fabulous produce. Find farmers’ markets near you to take advantage of the bounty of the season, then head home and try a new spring recipe or two! We’re drooling over these Asparagus and Brie Puff Pastries with Thyme Honey from Half Baked Harvest, this Spring Pasta Primavera with Lemon Ricotta from Our Salty Kitchen, and this delicious looking Spring Salad from Proud Italian Cook.

Euc Spring Recipes

Bring Spring Flowers Indoors

Brighten up your home with the lovely sights and smells of spring. Whether you cut a bouquet from your garden or purchase one from a local florist, add some freshness to any room with a beautiful floral arrangement. We just love this Early Spring Vignette from Stone Gable.

We hope that we’ve given you a bit of inspiration for making the most of your spring. Looking for more ideas? We’ve got a Pinterest board full of spring activities for you and your little ones to try!

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Copy of ORganizing and storing your lingerie(1)

Organizing and Storing Your Lingerie

The push to sort, organize and tidy has hit a fever pitch since the New Year’s release of Marie Kondo’s series on Netflix. If you’ve watched the show, you saw a single brief segment on storing lingerie, which showed 4 bras beautifully arranged in a drawer. However, most of us probably have a bra collection that is much larger, and available space that is much smaller.

Did you add to your lingerie collection this Valentine’s Day? Whether received as a gift or purchased for yourself, beautiful lingerie is a wonderful way to mark this romantic holiday. But now you’re faced with finding room in your already-crowded drawers for your new acquisition.

Here is a practical step-by-step guide to organizing and storing your lingerie that works for the real world.

Women's underwear in the for laundry basket.

Step 1: To Keep or Not to Keep?

Start by gathering up all your lingerie and piling it on your bed. Sort the big pile into four categories:

Everyday favorites are the panties, bras and camisoles that you reach for every day. These items are comfortable, fit you well, and look presentable.

Special occasion includes your strapless and backless bras, as well as the pieces you save for private time with your partner.

Donate anything brand new with tags that you bought more than 6 months ago. If you haven’t worn it yet, you probably won’t. Pass it on to a local women’s shelter.

Throw away anything worn out, faded, discolored, stained or torn. Items with tired elastic, with underwires misshapen or poking through, or with holes goes in the discard pile. Add anything that doesn’t fit well or that just doesn’t feel good. If in doubt, remember: you deserve to wear beautiful lingerie!

Step 2: Prepare Your Storage Space

While your drawers and/or shelves are empty, give them a good cleaning. Vacuum out the corners and wipe down the surfaces. Replace old drawer liners with fresh, new fabric or paper.

Make sure your drawers, dividers and boxes are free of any rough spots that might snag delicate fabrics.

Drawer dividers and boxes will help you stay organized. You can purchase drawer dividers like these, or make your own with foam board or salvaged cardboard. Choose the system that works best with your available space and budget.

Step 3: Wash Before You Store

Be sure each piece is fresh and clean before you put it away. Washing with a high quality product made for delicate fabrics, like Eucalan, is the best way to preserve your fine lingerie. Eucalan is available in a variety of subtle scents to make choosing your lingerie a daily aromatherapy treat.

Step 4: Fold with Care

Do not stack your lingerie. Fold or roll your panties and stand them on end. You should be able to see everything that’s available as soon as you open the drawer. Camisoles and slips should also be folded and rolled.

Bras deserve special care. Fasten the clasps. This protects the clasps from damage and prevents snagging delicate lace on the hooks. Fold the straps down, then stand your bras vertically, with each bra nestling into the next. Do not fold bras with molded cups to tuck one cup inside the other. When you invert the cups, you break down the shaping and shorten the life of your bra.

Keep special occasion lingerie separate from your everyday favorites. If you have the space, chemises and teddies can be stored on hangers. Use hangers with notches or padding to prevent falling straps.

A few hours spent sorting and organizing your lingerie will pay big dividends. Not only will you extend the life of your delicate pieces, you’ll save time and aggravation when you get dressed every day.

Woman's Bra and underwear drawer top and bottom

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