Jen’s Top 10 for the Holidays – Best Holiday Baking!

Isn’t it funny how the holidays sneak up on us? Suddenly it’s less than a week until Christmas, and we are already in Hannukah! If you are planning on bringing something to a holiday gathering – or hosting people at yours – I thought I’d share with you my top 10 holiday baking ideas. All of them are total crowd-pleasers, and lots of them are super quick!

1. Festive Shortbread Bites

Who doesn’t love a small cookie? Hard to resist, and just so cute, these will get snapped up in no time. Recipe can be found here.

2. Candy Cane Brownies

Chocolate and a refreshing candy cane crunch- a perfect combo! These are wonderfully decadent, and if you like chocolate and mint together, there’s really no other time of year to make a recipe that is as appealing as this. Recipe can be found here.

3. Soft Baked Gingerbread Cookies

With a sparkly sugar coating reminiscent of fresh snow, these gingerbread cookies are incredibly soft and hard to resist. What are the holidays without a bit of gingerbread? Find the recipe here.

4. Peppermint Bark

It doesn’t get much easier than this wonderful chocolate peppermint bark! Melt chocolate, swirl on wax paper, sprinkle with finely crushed candy canes and cool. perfection! Recipe is right here.

5.  M&M Christmas Cookie Bars

Cookie bars are one of those baked treats that seem to instantly conjure up childhood memories. With all the best bits of a cookie but in a thick cut squares, these are sure to go really quickly at your next get together. Recipe is here.

6.  Christmas Sugar Cookie Truffles

If you are looking for a giftable food item, these would be a perfect hostess or holiday gift.  a wonderfully soft sugar cookie truffle center, dipped in white chocolate (or you could do dark chocolate if you prefer!) Recipe can be found here.

7.  Eggnog Cheesecake Cookie Cups

For something really special and decadent, you must try these eggnog cheesecake cookie cups. Rich and incredibly delicious, they are perfect for a special dessert table. Find the recipe here.

8. Dark Chocolate Candy Cane Cookies

What is fantastic about this recipe is that you could easily substitute any kind of cookie (even slice and bake store bought cookie dough!) and then dip them in white chocolate and finely crushed candy canes. They look perfect for the season, and taste amazing! Recipe is right here.

9. Salted Caramel Pretzel Bark

For those who loves their treats to be sweet AND salty, this salted caramel pretzel bark ticks all the right boxes. Find the recipe right here.

10. No Bake Thin Mints

This is a great recipe for anyone who says that they ‘don’t bake’. Starting with store bought wafer cookies, you really just melt a bit of chocolate melts and start dipping! Find the step-by-step right here.

These are my favourites, but we have loads more recipes and last-minute holiday ideas over on our Holiday Cheer Pinterest board- check it out! Have a wonderful holiday season, everyone!

How to Host a Gift Wrapping Party

Everyone is busy buying presents at this time of year, but wrapping  them can be another chore on a long list of to-dos that crop up in December. Thinking of planning a get together to see your friends before everyone starts disappearing for holiday travel and family time? Why not host a gift wrapping party, and turn a chore into a fun, festive gathering with friends?

Step 1: Set a Date

Ideally, you want to set it at least a week before, so that people have a chance to do some of their shopping in advance. It’s unlikely everyone will have ALL their shopping done, but it doesn’t hurt to get a jump on all the wrapping!

Step 2: What Guests Can Bring

Suggest everyone bring a roll of wrapping paper, one type of gift label, and one spool of ribbon. If each guest brings a little bit of the wrapping supplies, everyone can share and have a wide variety of wrapping paper and ribbons to use on their gifts. Oh, and of course they should bring anything they want to wrap! You can even make it themed – wrapping paper and labels need to have snowflakes on them, or focusing on blue and silver paper and ribbons, for example.  This will make it easier to coordinate ribbons, bows, labels, and paper all together, even if you only brought one or two things.

Step 3: Clear the Decks

If you have a large dining room table, clear it off and set out as many pairs of scissors and rolls of tape that you have. Don’t forget pens or markers for labeling! Also bring out your contributions for wrapping paper, ribbons, and gift labels.

Step 4: Snacks &  Drinks

Keep the snacks simple, people are going to need clean hands for wrapping. A festive drink like hot chocolate or a cocktail is a great idea, as well as snacks like pretzels, veggies, and cookies. Be sure to have a lot of napkins on hand!

Step 5: Organization

Put a basket or two in the center of your table, and keep all the tags in one, and all the ribbons in the other.  You might even want an extra basket for other fun gift topper ideas, like pom poms, bows, or decorations. If you have room to keep the wrapping paper together, that’s great, too!

Step 5: Cue the Music!

Put together a fun festive playlist, or use a service like Spotify or Google Music that already has lots of holiday playlists to choose from. Or you can turn on the radio and let luck be your guide!

And that’s it! A fun, festive gathering that not only helps you get your holiday wrapping accomplished, but you’ve had fun with friends, too.

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How to Remove Common Party Stains

It’s that time of year- ramping up for party season! Fall brings more family gatherings, Thanksgiving, and the never-ending carousel of holiday parties won’t be far behind. Here we’ve put together a review of the best way to remove the most common party stains: Red wine, oils (olive, avocado, safflower, etc.), candle wax, coffee and chocolate.

Read on, and you’ll be prepared for anything at your next party!

Red Wine

Sprinkle salt liberally over the red wine mark , as much as needed to help absorb the wine. When as much is absorbed as possible, vacuum up the salt and pour club soda over it to help dilute the remaining wine. Then apply full strength Eucalan to any remaining marks, and let sit for 15 minutes. Wash item as normal.



Blot the oil immediately with a paper towel, and sprinkle baking soda or cornstarch onto the remaining oil mark and let sit. In the morning, apply full strength Eucalan to the remaining oil mark, and let sit for 15 minutes. Then wash item.

Candle Wax

Let the wax dry completely before trying to clean it. Apply an ice pack to make sure that the wax is completely solid before beginning to remove it. Remove as much wax as possible by scraping it with a butter knife. Get two paper bags, and place one underneath the fabric and another on top of it- you will be using a clothes iron to remove the rest of the wax. Gently iron the area with the wax on it repeatedly, moving the paper bags around so that any wax that transfers from the fabric to the paper bags isn’t being reapplied to the fabric again.


Blot spill immediately until no more colour is coming away on a cloth or paper towel. Apply full strength Eucalan directly to the remaining coffee marks, and leave for at least half an hour before washing item as normal.


If possible, flush the fabric from the wrong side with warm water to help prevent the chocolate from being driven further into the fibres. When as much chocolate has been rinsed off as possible, saturate the remaining mark with full strength Eucalan, and let sit for 30 minutes. Gently scrub at the stain after 30 minutes, and repeat if necessary. Launder as usual once the mark is removed.

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Ideas for Celebrating Valentine’s Day With Friends

Valentine’s Day … totally overrated, right? Even if you are in a relationship, over the years February 14th starts to feel stale. So why not do something different this year and celebrate with your girlfriends instead? Our girlfriends have been there for us for years, and likely even longer than any romantic relationship. Take the day that’s meant to celebrate love by celebrating the love you and your friends share, having an adventure or spending time doing something fun! We have lots of memorable ideas for celebrating valentine’s day with friends, so read on!

Ideas for Celebrating Valentine's Day with Friends |

Craft Night In. Gather the supplies to make a craft or two and put those Pinterest boards to good use. Everyone chips in on supplies, and you order some take out and have a crafty night in! Hopefully, it goes a bit better than in the photo below.

Valentines Ideas With Friends |

Clothing Swap. Have all your girlfriends bring any great condition clothes or accessories (like purses, costume jewelry, etc.) together and see what kind of outfits appear! Anything that doesn’t go home with a friend can be donated to a local women’s shelter.

Ideas for Celebrating Valentine's Day with Friends |

Movie Date. Go out to the movies together and see something fun! Doesn’t have to be a romantic movie, either. Decide which film you’ll see at least a couple weeks in advance, so one of you doesn’t end up seeing it ahead of time.

Ideas for Celebrating Valentine's Day with Friends |

A New Workout or Dance Class. Try something fun together! Adult tap, spinning, kickboxing, whatever activity would be a break from your typical exercise routine. Working out with friends is great for getting motivated, and you can laugh about how tough (or ridiculous!) it was afterward.

Ideas for Celebrating Valentine's Day with Friends |

Zero-Stress Galentine’s Dinner Party. The secret to this idea is to divide the grocery list in advance. All guests bring their assigned items so that you can cook the meal together. Pick out a menu, make a grocery list, and then give everyone a few items from the list to bring. Chatting, having wine, and cooking as a group will be even more fun than sitting down to the meal.

Ideas for Celebrating Valentine's Day with Friends |

Go For Coffee Somewhere New. Obviously, the restaurants will be packed- but there will be some great local cafes that you can visit for a specialty coffee or a dessert. Less busy and still a special treat!

Women Friends Enjoyment Coffee Times Concept

Old School Slumber Party. Doesn’t dancing in pajamas, watching movies, eating chips and popcorn and snuggling in sleeping bags sound like the best idea ever? You probably haven’t had a slumber party since you were kids, so why not revisit the fun – especially now that you can have all the wine and chocolate you want!

Ideas for Celebrating Valentine's Day with Friends |

Volunteer. Contact local food banks, soup kitchens, or a charity that you are passionate about in your area and see how you can help.  Senior citizen care homes often have a shortage of people to come in to chat or play games with the residents. Helping others to feel less lonely is a surefire way to contribute more kindness to the world.

Ideas for Celebrating Valentine's Day with Friends |

Don’t Forget Long Distance Friends. Schedule a Skype date, or record them a personal message to let them know how much you miss them. It will be a heartfelt gesture from you to your friend, and they are sure to appreciate it.

Ideas for Celebrating Valentine's Day with Friends |

What are you waiting for? Get in touch with your friends today and make plans to have the most memorable Valentine’s Day ever! Let us know some of your plans in the comments below.

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Ideas for Celebrating Valentine's Day with Friends |




Jen’s Top 10: Favourite Things About the Holidays

There are so many wonderful things about this time of year, but sometimes it can be hard to appreciate them when we are all rushing around trying to get one more gift or attend one more party! Here’s my top ten things that are bringing me joy this time of year:

1. Peppermint on Everything – hot chocolate, mocha, cookies, crushed candy canes.

Peppermint |

2. Frost-covered wonders. Isn’t nature amazing?

Top 10 Holiday |

3. Christmas music – I love classic crooners like Diana Krall, Anne Murray, and Michael Buble. And this underrated gem: Barenaked Ladies “Elf’s Lament” with Michael Buble:

And this utterly Canadian Classic is really my favourite Christmas song of all time.  Here is a wonderfully charming animated version:

4. Sparkle & Glitter are so perfect for the holidays:

Top 10 Holiday |

5. Dogs in costumes:

Top 10 Holiday |

6. Christmas babies!

Top 10 Holiday |

7. Beautiful tea gifts:

Top 10 Holiday |

8. Knitted headbands and ear warmers:

Top 10 Holiday |

9. Baking! So many wonderful treats and recipes!

Top 10 Holiday |

10.  Poinsettias Everywhere:

Top 10 Holiday |

So many wonderful things to celebrate this time of year! I hope that wherever you are and whatever you celebrate, the holidays are filled with peace, cozy moments, and joy for you and those you love.










Caring for Fabric Holiday Decorations

How to Care for Fabric Holiday Decorations |

Pulling out our treasured holiday decorations, many of which are handmade or have been passed down through generations, really brings out the love of family and togetherness this time of year. But sometimes fabric decorations- like stockings, soft ornaments and tabletop decorations – can begin to show their age (or some smears of chocolate)  more than we would like. Here’s how to care for all of your fabric holiday decorations, even if they are very delicate or very old.

Take a close look at all of your holiday decorations.  Sometimes it can be hard to notice water spots or other discolorations until they begin to yellow with age and being shut in a box for most of the year.  Or maybe some little ones got into the holiday treats and then picked up the knitted snowman that was on your coffee table display.  Whatever the reason that your decorations need a clean, read on!

How to Care for Fabric Holiday Decorations |

  • Check for any loose threads, beading, sequins, or any parts that might not be fully attached to the decoration. Take the time to reattach any loose bits before cleaning will help ensure that your precious pieces don’t loose their decorative details over the holiday season.

How to Care for Fabric Holiday Decorations |

  • Fill a clean sink with tepid water and a capful of Eucalan in your favourite scent.  Submerge your decorations, being careful not to put too many in at a time- you want the water to have good circulation around each item.  If they have some stubborn spots consider using a Eucalan stain treating towelette to help get the marks out.
  • Hang items to dry somewhere away from sunlight (which can cause yellowing).

How to Care for Fabric Holiday Decorations |

  • Iron any items that need it, such as tree skirts, table linens, and stockings. Make sure that the surface of your iron is very clean. Using a spray bottle to spray the fabric’s surface to ensure a smooth finish.  If your piece has any applique,  beading or sequins; use a light heat setting, in case the applique is made from polyester or other man-made fabrics. We recommend using a white pressing cloth (or clean white tea towel) to protect delicate fibers.
  • Enjoy! And remember,  give your decorations a clean again when the season is over before putting them away, and wrap them in white tissue paper to help prevent moisture and colour transfer from one decoration to another. This can help protect your decorations for many years to come.

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And if you are looking for fresh ideas for celebrating the holidays, we have a great Pinterest board full of stunning crafts, patterns, and great recipes!


How to Wash a Party Dress

How to Wash a Party Dress |

It’s coming – party season! It won’t be long before your evenings start to fill up with gatherings of friends, family,  work parties, and holiday parties. The next eight weeks are going to be some of the busiest all year long – so you don’t want to have your favourite party clothes stuck at the dry cleaner, or giving yourself the extra chore of taking dresses to the cleaners, waiting for them to be ready, and then picking them back up again. Not when you can take care of all your dressy clothes at home with Eucalan.

Eucalan is non-toxic, biodegradable, free of optical brighteners, phosphates, synthetic fragrance and dye – so it’s a perfect choice for taking care of delicate fabrics or items that have some beading or sequins, which seem so appropriate for dressy winter items.   Besides, washing it yourself is easier (and faster) than you’d think! We can walk you through the whole process step by step:

  1.  Add Eucalan to your washing machine or sink with tepid water.
  2. Immerse dress in water and allow to soak for 15 minutes.
  3. Squeeze dress with your hands to incorporate soap and water through the fabric.
  4. Soak dress for an additional 15 minutes.
  5. Eucalan does not require rinsing, but if you wish to, give it a gentle rinse under fresh tepid water.
  6. Remove from water and squeeze or spin out excess water.
  7. You may roll in a towel, but go slowly and be careful not to get any beads or sequins stuck on towel fibres.
  8. Hang to dry away from direct sunlight or heat (your shower is probably a good spot).

That’s it!

When it comes to preparing for a night out, it’s worth having a Eucalan stain treating towelette in your bag. It’s brilliant for cleaning up any deodorant marks that can get on sleeveless dresses, or remove any food spots.

How to Wash a Party Dress |

If you are looking for some dressier clothes for the holiday party season, or just looking for some dressing up inspiration, you should check out our Dressing Up Pinterest Board!

How to Wash a Party Dress |

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Caring for Vintage Table Linens


Caring for Vintage Table Linens |

It’s that time of year- the leaves are changing and Thanksgiving is coming, both in Canada and the United States. Soon we will begin thinking about pulling out of storage the precious table linens, those heirloom tablecloths and embroidered linen or cotton napkins. Treasured linens don’t do anyone  any good slumbering away in a cupboard or a closet- use them and enjoy them! If you are fortunate to have some vintage pieces, it can be tricky to know how to care for them.  But here we have a step-by-step guide on caring for your vintage pieces so that your table looks lovely and fresh, even when the linens are decades (or possibly a century!) old.

Caring for Vintage Table Linens |

  • Pull out the pieces and take a close look at them. Sometimes it can be hard to notice food stains until they begin to yellow with age, and sadly those stains have usually been set in quite firmly when ironed.  Some light colouring on vintage linens is normal, and with some dim, candlelit lighting would hardly be noticeable. If you find the stains are too severe, consider tea dying them – they will still be beautiful, and the stains won’t be nearly as noticeable. But if they just need a refresh, keep reading!

Caring for Vintage Table Linens |

  • Wash the linens – all the table cloths, placemats, and napkins – that you are planning on using. Fill a clean sink with tepid water and a capful of Eucalan in your favourite scent.  If they have some stubborn spots that have not been set with an iron already, let soak for an hour. If the fabric can handle it, gently scrub with a cloth or a soft bristled toothbrush. If the fabric is more delicate, consider using a Eucalan stain treating towelette to help get the marks out.
  • Hang items to dry somewhere away from sunlight (which can cause yellowing). Once dry, inspect closely to see if there are any other marks that need another wash. Repeat washing if you think that they need a bit more work, and you can add full strength Eucalan to the stains and let soak again. Do not iron until you are comfortable with how they look.

Caring for Vintage Table Linens |

  • Once you feel that they are looking their best, iron them. Make sure the surface of your iron is clean, and use a spray bottle to spray the fabric’s surface to ensure a smooth finish. Adjust heat settings as necessary for moving between cotton, linen, and lace. Be extra careful with lace sections and embroidery. If your piece has any applique, use a light heat setting, in case the applique is made from polyester or other man-made fabrics. We recommend using a white pressing cloth to protect delicate fibers.

Caring for Vintage Table Linens |

  • Set out your table and enjoy! And remember, once your meal is finished, don’t let the linens sit too long with fresh marks on them before washing them again. Keep some Eucalan stain treating towelettes on hand to spot treat any fresh marks during or immediately after the meal, and wash them as soon as you can to prevent further stains on your vintage linens.

Caring for Vintage Table Linens |

Looking for inspiration on how dress your table beautifully for Thanksgiving? We have a great Pinterest board full of stunning ideas!


Last-Minute Valentine’s Gift Guide

Did Cupid sneak up on you this year? Here are some last-minute gifts to give & get for Valentine’s Day 2016, plus a few sweet DIY ideas we’ve spotted on Pinterest, too!


Marlies Dekkers’ Le Train Blue Wire Padded Plunge Balcony and matching bottom are a romantic choice, featuring superior shaping and craftsmanship in a delicate powder pink hue that makes us think of the 2016 Pantone Colour of the Year, Rose Quartz.

Wrapture Fragrant Balm is a travel-friendly moisturizer featuring the romantic scent of night-blooming jasmine, a natural aphrodisiac. This balm is great for moisturizing rough skin (especially during the dry winter months) and does double duty as a perfume, too.

Slip on a pair of Vienne Milano thigh highs to add a romantic flair to your Valentine’s night out. Shown here is the Elisabetta style which features an exquisite Italian lace band at the top that is not only beautiful, but ensures a no-slip fit.

For the hard-to-shop for man in your life, treat them to the ultra-comfortable Saxx Ultra Boxer Fly in a bright red stripe pattern (trust us, they’ll much prefer stripes over a more overt Valentine-themed print)!

If you’re feeling crafty, whip up this knit Valentine Pouch or crochet Valentine Treat Bag, both of which are available as free patterns on Ravelry. They’re perfect for packaging sweet treats, small treasures, or even a tin of our Wrapture Fragrant Balm!

Make some sweet treats such as these chocolate-covered peanut butter hearts (click here for recipe on the Baker by Nature blog).

Finally, include a Eucalan Gift Pack with your gift to ensure that they care for specialty items properly. Each pack includes 100mL bottles in each of our five scents, making this a great choice for virtually everyone on your list.

Winners & Holiday Gift Guide: Babies & New Parents

GiveawayFirst off, we’d like to reveal the winners for our holiday giveaway announced earlier this week:

We’ll get in touch with you to arrange for the delivery of your prizes. Thanks for entering our contest!

Chances are, you know someone who’s welcomed someone new into their family this year. Eucalan is gentle enough to use on baby items, and it’s especially great for washing nursing bras, diaper covers, and other baby items (click here for more info on our website). In our final installment of the Holiday Gift Guide series, we share some of our top picks for new parents. Enjoy!



This sweet Cuddle Bear is made from 100% Australian sheepskin, which helps calm and nurture babies. It’s sure to delight your little one!

Lulujo Muslin Security Blankets feature adorable animal prints on breathable muslin cotton with a smooth satin edge.

A Eucalan Gift Pack includes 100mL bottles in each of our 5 scents, and it’s a great way to make sure that you always have a bottle of Eucalan at the ready. Eucalan is wonderful for treating wool diapers covers, and it’s also great for spot treating stains, spills, and other messes that invariably pop up.

This stylish necklace also gives teething babies relief! Made from 100% silicone, the Chewbeads Jane Necklace is soft on baby’s gums and emerging teeth. It’s easy to keep clean, and contains no No BPA, phthalates, cadmium, lead, metals.

Keep track of every magical moment with these Milestone™ Baby Cards, which are great for snapping shots for your baby book as well as your Instagram feed.

Every little one needs Sofie the Giraffe, an adorable toy designed specifically to cultivate and nurture baby’s senses (and it never hurts to have a back-up Sofie, we’re told).

Eucalan Stain Treating Towelettes are a great add-on for any gift, and they’re essential for any diaper bag. These pre-moistened wipes will take care of stains while out and about.

Choose a diaper cover with a cute, colourful print for a thoughtful gift you know they’ll use. The clever design of the Omaïki Ö Sleep shown here will keep baby dry all night – even newborns!

A wrap or a sling is a wonderful alternative to strollers, and this gorgeous Sakura Bloom Wrap (shown here in Tulum and Sea Glass) is made in Massachusetts from the finest Indian dupioni silk. The unisex, reversible design is machine washable and easy to use.