Product Spotlight: The Getaway Gang

Need to Escape?  The Getaway GaGetawaygangng is a travel essential for garment care on the go – just toss it into your luggage while you're packing.  Clothing emergencies happen frequently when you are on the road and away from the conveniences of home, but we'll make sure you're prepared for anything that comes your way!


This space-saving kit includes eight individual single packs of Eucalan no-rinse wash in each of our four scents, one pack of lint removers, 4 stain-treating towelettes, one nail file, and one sewing kit.  You'll have everything you need to keep your garments in great shape, all in one handy pouch. This clear zip bag is made of durable eco-lite vinyl and is sure to be a trusted travel buddy.


If you're new to our on-the-go clothing care products, The Getaway Gang is a great introduction!  Besides getting to sample all four of our fabulous scents of no-rinse wash, you'll get to try our ultra-convenient Lint Remover Sheets.  They're perfect for your purse, car, or office – simply peel off the back and then pat it on your garment to remove unwanted lint, dandruff, or hair. 

You'll also get a chance to fall in love with our Stain Treating Towlettes.  These handy wipes are saturated with Eucalan and individually packaged for your clothing emergencies.  Spaghetti sauce on your blouse?  Coffee on your tie?  Simply blot or rub the wipe on the affected spot as soon as possible for stain treating and garment freshening. 


You can purchase The Getaway Gang online, or find a retailer near you!

Wool Soakers, Eucalan & You!

Parents who choose cloth diapers instead of disposable diapers have made a commitment to reduce landfill waste – it is estimated that disposable diapers take anywhere from 250-500 years to decompose!  Re-usable cloth diapers aren’t just better for the environment, they’re better for baby’s skin, too! 

  Photo by Stefanie Japel

Wool is a perennial favorite in the cloth diapering community for soakers, used as an outer covering for cloth diapers. Wool provides stretchiness and elasticity, is naturally anti-bacterial, and can absorb up to 30% of its weight in moisture before feeling wet.  Wool is also a breathable fabric that can be used year-round. There are tons of easy-to-make patterns available on the internet – Stefanie Japel's Knit-Your-Own-Soakers tutorial from last year is one of many great resources for do-it-yourself wool soakers.   


Caring for your wool soakers is easier than you might think, too.  As with any woolen garment, you can pre-treat any soiled areas with full-strength Eucalan before soaking it in cool water mixed with a drop of your favorite Eucalan scent.  Once it’s had a good soak, you can gently squeeze the article out, then roll it in a towel to remove excess moisture and lay it flat to dry.  Our video tutorial below will take you through this process step-by-step if you're new to hand-washing garments.



For parents-on-the-go, you can throw several soakers to soak in the washing machine (again, cool water and a little bit of Eucalan is all you need!), then using the spin cycle to remove excess water before laying your soakers out to dry. 


Because you bypass the wash cycle, you will save several gallons of water with each wash!  The no-rinse formula is biodegradeable and phosphate-free, which means it’s better for the environment, better for baby’s skin, and better for the life of your garment.  The lanolin in the formula conditions and softens woolens, and Eucalyptus is a natural moth and flea inhibitor.  If you prefer, you can choose the Lavender scent, which is a natural antiseptic and will also keep moths away; Grapefruit, which is a natural antiseptic; or Natural, which is our unscented formula that is perfect for those who have fragrance sensitivities.


Please note:  From time to time, you will need to lanolize your diaper covers; our product is intended for use in conjunction with a pure lanolin when caring for wool soakers. In between lanolizing, Eucalan helps condition fibres and deter dust mites.