2019’s Sexiest Valentine’s Day Lingerie

Valentine’s Day is less than a month away and now is the perfect time to drop a few hints or start secretly shopping to spoil yourself or your partner. Today, we’ll spotlight the hottest looks in lingerie to spice up your holiday. Once you have those sexy numbers in your hands, we’ve got all the best tips and tricks for keeping your lingerie looking great and smelling amazing with Eucalan!

Red Roses On A Black Lace Lingerie

Our friends at The Lingerie Journal recently shared the Valentine’s Day collection by Adore. There’s plenty of va-va-va voom and fiery red drama to this collection – with one of these pieces you’ll be ready for anything from love to lust!

The Lingerie Journal also put together an Etsy Valentine’s Day Lingerie Spotlight. Whether you’re looking for soft romance like the lace and velvet offerings from Rose Powder Shop, to cheeky flirtation with the camisoles from Betti Bones, to sensuous elegance in classic red like this set from Barely There Intimates, or majestic drama with a corset from Corsettery, there’s something to appeal to everyone. All these talented artisans hand make your goods to your sizing specifications, so you’ll need to allow plenty of time to make sure you receive them in time for the big day!

untitled design

While not specifically geared towards Valentine’s Day, we love this review of Tutti Rouge Minx by Comics Girls Need Bras. The black lace is both stunning and seductive and would make a perfect set paired with a beautiful robe.


Another review we spotted on The Lingerie Addict blog featured Washable Silk Nightgowns from Wintersilks. These gorgeous gowns offer a taste of luxury in a reasonable price range and a generous variety of sizes, perfect for Valentine’s Day or every day!


And if your beloved has a fondness for all things lingerie, you could surprise them with the ultimate guide to intimate apparel, In Intimate Detail: How to Choose, Wear and Love Lingerie by The Lingerie Addict’s Cora Harrington. Signed copies are available on her site!



We hope we’ve given you (or your partner) some inspiration for this Valentine’s Day!

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Caring for Cloth Diapers

So many young families are cloth diapering their babies, and the benefits are clear- less waste and reduced costs – especially if cloth diapering another baby when the older child has outgrown them!

The tricky part of washing cloth diapers is using something that helps get the diapers clean, but is gentle enough for baby’s delicate skin, especially in such tender areas. Eucalan is gentle enough to wash all of your baby’s items – clothes, soft toys, and blankets. So it is a natural fit to wash your baby’s cloth diapers and inserts with Eucalan, too!

There are many different types of cloth diapers available, so these are general care guidelines. Experiment with what works best for you and your diapers.

Hand Wash/Sink Method (best for four or fewer diapers)

For hand washing, give a quick rinse to the diapers in the sink, then add one capful (or one pod) of Eucalan in the scent of your choice to the water. Submerge the dipaers and inserts, and let soak for ten minutes.  We recommend Eucalyptus, Grapefruit, Lavender or Wrapture (scented with jasmine) for their naturally-occurring antibacterial benefits, as they are made with pure essential oils. Gently agitate the water, and then drain the water. Wring out the inserts, and roll diaper covers in a towel to absorb excess water.

Washing Machine Method  (best for 5 diapers/inserts or more)

Set your washing machine to cold , and put in the dipaers and inserts. We recommend running a quick rinse cycle at the beginning of washing diapers. Then add one pod or a capful of Eucalan in the scent of your choice to the washing machine.  Eucalyptus, Grapefruit, Lavender or Wrapture (scented with jasmine essential oil) have naturally-occurring antibacterial benefits, and are a great choice. Run your washing machine as you normally would.


Typically we recommend you hang your delicates away from sunlight to prevent fading, but if you don’t mind the sun doing a little natural lightening on your colourful cloth diapers, feel free to hang them outside in the sunlight, or tumble dry in the dryer if your cloth diaper care instructions are fine with that too- we know sometimes you need those cloth diapers in a hurry!

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Fall Clean Up

September ushers in the start of the school year, the start of many extra-curricular activities and is the perfect time for a clean start for your family.

Eucalan is here to help you clean up and simplify your life with a no-rinse delicate wash that is well suited to a multitude of uses. From washing lunch bags to school uniforms, your daughter’s first bra to fall sweaters, security blankets to dance outfits, Eucalan has you covered.

We encourage you to pick your favourite from one of our five scents and see why Eucalan has been a trusted family brand for almost 25 years – from our family to yours.

Cleaning Crash Course for New Parents

Image used via Creative Commons.

Image used via Creative Commons.

Many of our fans trust Eucalan for their priceless delicate items: fancy lingerie, a cashmere sweater, or a vintage dress. Perhaps the most priceless item of all, however, is your little one! Eucalan offers a non-toxic, gentle way to clean baby items such as wool diaper covers, stuffed animals, blankies and nursing bras (click here for easy-to-follow instructions!).

However, it can also come in handy with the thrills and spills of parenting – especially the spills! Keeping a spray bottle filled with Eucalan and water handy can be extremely helpful for cleaning up unexpected messes on carpet and upholstery.

Simply spray on the stain and allow to soak in for a few minutes before rubbing the area with a soft cloth; you can also use this mixture to clean just about any surface, which will simplify your life exponentially if you don’t have to keep multiple cleaning products at the ready. For particularly stubborn messes, you may need to treat the area with full-strength Eucalan.

You can also use Eucalan to clean your playpen in your bathtub! You will be surprised at how much dirt is lurking in there, but the good news is it’s quite easy to keep things clean using these simple instructions from the A Baby’s Smile blog.

Finally, our stain-treating towelettes are a diaper bag essential; they are perfect for cleaning up the inevitable spit-up while you’re out and about. These single-use towelettes are saturated with Unscented Eucalan and can be used to remove a variety of stains.

We’d love to hear your Eucalan story, feel free to share your cleaning tips with us in the blog comments!

Winter Olympics Wrap-Up

We've been enjoying rooting for our fellow Canadians during the Winter Olympics in Sochi:


The opening ceremony featured many memorable moments:




In the crafting community, knitters and crocheters alike were thrilled to see a Finnish snowboard coach knitting at the top of the run (read the full story here!).


When the first five Gold medals were handed out, we were excited for Team USA's win in the first-ever Slopestyle event, where Team Canada claimed a bronze:


Sisters Justine and Chloe Dufour-Lapointe swept the Gold and Silver medals for Team Canada in the moguls competition: 


We're looking forward to the pageantry of the closing ceremonies as we bid the Games farewell. What were some of your favourite Olympic moments?

Vogue Knitting Live NYC

In just one week, Vogue Knitting Live will be taking place in New York City! Crafty folks from near and far will be heading to this star-studded event at the Marriott Marquis in Times Square, and we couldn't be more pleased to be a sponsor. Be sure to visit the yarn tasting lounge for your free sample of Eucalan


Knit and crochet designer Kristin Omdahl will have a booth at VK Live (#1004), and it will be stocked with her excellent books, sample designs, kits and – of course – Wrapture! Jennifer Edgar will be joining Kristin in the booth and we hope you'll stop by to pick up some Wrapture and say hello! There will also be live demonstrations and a very special guest on Friday evening, Stacy Charles!



We are proud to sponsor this exciting event; please enjoy this coupon good towards your marketplace admission with our compliments! 


Vogue Knitting Live Chicago

Eucalan was proud to sponsor last weekend's Vogue Knitting Live event at the Palmer House Hilton in downtown Chicago. Congratulations to the crew at Vogue who made this fantastic event possible. We enjoyed seeing photos of everyone's yarn-tastic shenanigans throughout the weekend – below are just a few of our favourites. We hope everyone enjoys their complimentary Eucalan samples from the Yarn Tasting lounge and Gift Wrap Station! 



The historic Palmer House Hilton.




YMN Editor Erin Slonaker and crew in the Photo Booth.


Complimentary Eucalan samples in the Yarn Tasting Lounge.


Mochimochiland's Gnomes vs. Snowmen installation.



Festive gifts at VK Live, complete with Eucalan samples!


Introducing Wrapture Fragrant Balm!

Wrapture Fragrant Balm Sept 30 2013
Wrapture Fragrant Balm
 is the newest addition to the Eucalan family of products. It is an all-in-one product which can be used as a fragrant perfume as well as to moisturise dry skin. The balm is a portable, compact handbag essential that is all natural, alchohol-free, and vegan; it contains no preservatives, colour or petroleum, and it comes in a durable tin that won't leak. 

"I am passionate about using natural products whenever possible for my home, my family and myself," says designer Kristin Omdahl. "Essential oils have been my perfume of choice for years, for the aromatherapy benefits as well as my personal choice to avoid synthetic chemical fragrance. But oils are difficult to carry in your purse, and especially difficult for travel. I love carrying my Wrapture balm in my purse. It's great for rough skin, cuticles, dry hair, but my favorite is to dab it on my pulse points & behind my ears for a pick-me-up subtle fragrance. It makes me smile."

Wrapture Fragrant Balm will be appearing in stores this fall; click here to find a retailer near you! 

Hosiery Care with VienneMilano & Eucalan

We've spotted some great looks for fall on the VienneMilano Blog, from patterned hosiery to couture looks from New York Fashion Week, there are plenty of great ways to spice up your wardrobe with the changing seasons. 


VienneMilano stockings not only look great, they are comfortable and STAY UP – and guess what they recommend to care for their products? Eucalan, of course! In today's blog post, we've collected some of the best care tips to make your hosiery last longer; with proper care, your investment can last through multiple washings so that you always look your best! 


Why Eucalan? It's quite simple: there are no bleaches or additives that might break down the elasticity of your hosiery. The no-rinse formula ensures your hosiery comes out beautiful with each wash, plus there are fewer opportunities to snag or damage your hosiery in the process if you aren't rinsing and wringing.
Of course, you'll want to be gentle when putting on and removing your thigh highs; be sure to remove your jewelry and keep your fingernails and toenails clipped to prevent runs and holes.

Should you spill anything on your stockings, you can spot clean with a soft, damp cloth and a small amount of Eucalan (or use a Eucalan Wipe if you are out on the town!).
Your VienneMilano stockings can be stored in the box they came in, or any cool, clean dry container that will protect them when not in use.

We recommend hand-washing stockings using the instructions in the video above (or here on our site) to prolong the life of your stockings. You can wash a few stockings at a time using the same water; we recommend calming Lavender, energizing Grapefruit or romantic Wrapture, our new jasmine scent. All three scents feature naturally antiseptic essential oils that are ideal for garments worn close to the skin.

Should you you need to launder in a machine, place hosiery in a mesh laundry bag or pillow case and be sure that it is separate from items with clasps or velcro.
After washing, lay your thigh highs flat (on a towel, for example) to air dry. Do not hang your thigh highs, as the weight of the water will make them stretch out of shape.

Just announced! Meet & Greet at Knitty City in NYC!

Join us this Saturday August 3rd from 3 – 4 pm at Knitty City in New York for a meet and greet with designer Kristin Omdahl! Kristin will be signing copies of her new crochet book, The Finer Edge, and there will also be a trunk show featuring items from this book. 

Eucalan's managing director Jennifer Edgar will be joining Kristin and handing out free samples of Wrapture, plus there will be door prizes to celebrate the grand re-opening of Knitty City

We're looking forward to seeing you there!