Greasy Whiskers…Eucalan’s Great for Washing the Dog

Meet Molly, our 2 year old Westie who has a fondness for raw beef bones.  She enjoys nibbling on the fat and licking out the marrow.  She gets right into it and her beautiful whiskers end up looking very greasy and stringy.   Eucalan to the rescue.

Molly greasy whiskers 

Speaking of rescue, that’s how we came across Molly.  We were looking for a small dog through the SPCA and other rescue dog associations.  In my heart, I really wanted a Westie, so we were scouring the internet.  There are a lot of dogs needing rescue and not many West Highland Terriers to be found in our area.   We really felt it was fate when we found Molly’s listing with Ontario Canine Rescue .  Our application to adopt was accepted and we were able to meet and eventually take Molly home.  Her tough life was over…we have never been happier.  Molly’s former life as a breed dog at a puppy mill in Quebec (now shut-down) is 7 months behind her.  Although she is still very shy and trembles in new situations, she has settled into her new home and is really coming out of her shell, showing her true Westie personality.  I think I got off topic…back to the real reason for this post….greasy whiskers.

Molly filling sink 

We bath Molly in our laundry tub.  As you can see, I put Eucalan in the tub and then start to fill it with tepid water.  I fill it high enough that it reaches Molly’s belly.  I then use a cup or my hands to scoop water up and pour it on her body, tail, and neck. 

Molly in the tub 

She doesn’t love it, but she does tolerate her baths.  Eucalan is very mild and non-toxic, so I don’t worry if she licks the water a little bit.  I wet my hands and stroke them on her head and around her muzzle, careful not to get water/soap in her ears, eyes or nose.  In this instance, I used a bit of straight Eucalan on my hands and pulled it through those greasy whiskers.  I then rinsed the soap off her whiskers before she tried to lick it off!  Eucalan is a no-rinse product however, if you are putting the soap directly on your dog, then you will need to rinse it out as it is a concentrate and you probably have more soap on the dog than you realize. 

Molly wet dog

It was a gorgeous day, so I towel dried Molly, then tied her on her leash and took her outside to dry in the shade.  Eucalan contains a touch of lanolin which acts as a natural conditioner for your dog’s skin and fur.  You might consider using the eucalyptus or lavender scent as those essential oils are natural moth and flea inhibitors.  I wash Molly’s bedding in the lavender Eucalan also.

Molly soft dry dog 

I then gave her a nice brush and she was looking good as new.


– Submitted by Tabatha