Pet Care with Eucalan

Eucalan is wonderful for all sorts of delicate washing for fine garments, knitwear, lingerie, and quilts, but it is also brilliant for pet care –  Did you know that you can wash your dog with Eucalan? It’s true! The natural formula and essential oils mean that it is non-toxic and supremely gentle on their fur and skin. Try the Eucalyptus scent to help repel bugs and ticks!

Pet Care with Eucalan |

And of course, you can wash your cat. Sometimes cats get into sticky messes and need a bath, too.  You can use Eucalan just like you would any other pet shampoo.

Pet Care with Eucalan |

How to Wash a Pet Bed

Pet Care with Eucalan |

For washing a dog or cat bed, you can easily wash it at home in your washing machine with Eucalan.  Pet bed too big to fit into your washing machine? Go to a local laundromat and take advantage of the oversized machines! To wash a pet bed in the machine:

Step 1: Using a pet hair brush, lint roller, or sticky tape; remove as much pet hair from the bed as possible.

Step 2: place the pet bed into the washing machine, open end down – the bottom of the pet bed should be facing you. This is to help ensure an even wash through the machine and prevent water collecting in the bed during the spin cycle and making it overly soggy.  Add one capful of Eucalan (or one travel pod) in the scent of your choosing. Eucalyptus is great for deterring bugs, and if your pet has especially sensitive skin, go with Natural – it’s unscented.

Step 3: Once the washing machine has completed its cycle, remove the pet bed and let dry in the bathtub or shower. If the spin cycle of your washing machine has done an effective job in removing most of the water and the fabric is not at risk for shrinking, you can put your pet bed in the tumble dryer on a short, low-heat cycle.

How to Wash Pet Toys

Pet Care with Eucalan |

Pet toys should be washed regularly, even if they have only been played with indoors. You know how gross and wet toys can get after a pet has really given it a good chew! Here’s how to wash all sorts of pet toys with Eucalan:

Step 1:  Remove as much pet hair as possible from the toy, particularly if it is a knit or fabric toy. Use a lint brush or sticky tape.

Step 2: Fill a sink with cool water, and add one capful or one packet of Eucalan in the scent of your choice. We recommend Natural for toys, which is unscented.

Step 3: Put the toys in, and let them soak for about 5 minutes, then gently agitate the water.

Pet Care with Eucalan |

Step 4: Drain the water, and roll the toys in a clean towel. Let toys dry away from heat or light.

Pet Care with Eucalan |

While the time it takes to wash your pet can vary, washing their toys and bedding is a snap. Having a regular routine for washing their bedding and toys reduces pet odors significantly and helps reduce allergens in the home as well.

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The Best Way to Wash Your Bra: Valentine’s Day Edition

How to Wash Your Bra : Valetine's Edition |

While we talk about it in February,  remember that you are worth new undergarments all the time, no matter the time of year! We are all guilty of occasionally hanging onto a bra too long, even though it’s discoloured and stretched out, and the straps have lost their elasticity. As women, a bra is likely the most complicated garment we wear – modern bras have a fair bit of engineering not to mention elastic, metal, plastic, and often padding. Considering the effort you put into finding a good bra that you feel comfortable and beautiful in, it’s worth taking care of it.

Choosing a Bra That Makes You Feel Beautiful

How to Wash Your Bra : Valetine's Edition |

Chances are, you already have a comfortable bra or two that you love and reach for more days than most.  When shopping for something new, look for bras that have the same elements that you love- is it a smooth band, a no-frills cup? Is it wide straps,  or a full coverage cup?  Find bras that have those key elements, and details that you might not have tried before- our example here is the Dame de Paris bra from Marlies Dekkers, a European designer who has a core line that is specifically designed to be comfortable while also being a little out of the ordinary. If you like what you see, you can find this style and others at these sites:

How to Wash Your Bra : Valetine's Edition |

You might think that the straps on the top would be strange, but the bra is incredibly comfortable, and the straps are low enough that unless you are wearing a deep v-neck, most shirt necklines are well above the straps and will not show. A matching bottom is a wonderful treat for yourself – if you find a great bra that you love, go ahead and buy the matching bottoms. While not every day is a matching-bra-and-underwear sort of day, when you do it you will feel extra put together, even if no one sees it but you!

To prolong the life of your bra you should wash it regularly, after every 3 or 4 wears. The exception is if you were heavily perspiring in your bra, then it should be washed sooner, to avoid bacteria build up and sweat stains. Body lotion, sweat and even your natural body chemistry can cause the elasticity of your bra (think straps and the band) to deteriorate over time. Washing regularly helps prevent that.

Hand Wash

Fill your sink with cool water, adding one capful of Eucalan (we recommend Wrapture for your undergarments, which is lightly scented with jasmine essential oil) while the water is running. Put your bra in the sink and lightly agitate, squeezing the fabric very gently to help ensure that the bra is totally saturated. To save time, feel free to add more than one bra (or bottoms!) to the sink and wash them in batches. Let everything soak for about 10 minutes, then agitate them again through the water and take them out. No need to rinse when you use Eucalan! Do not wring them or squeeze them too aggressively, especially if you have padding or underwire. Have a clean, thick towel ready to lightly roll the items in to absorb excess moisture. Hang away from heat and light- your shower is probably a good place for them to dry.

How to Wash Your Bra : Valentine's Edition |

We have a great video right here if you want to see how it’s done:

Machine Wash

Before washing, make sure that the bra hooks are fastened to avoid snagging any fabrics. Place in a mesh lingerie bag, and add one capful of Eucalan to the washing machine. Set washing machine to delicate cycle. Hang to dry away from heat or bright light – your shower is probably a good spot.

Important- never put your bras in the dryer! The heat will destroy the elastic very quickly, and likely cause underwires to get distorted and cause damage to the cups, if there is padding.

 Additional Tips:
  • When hanging up bras to dry, don’t hang up by only one should strap. Either drape them evenly over the shower rail or hang them on a clothes hanger on the shower rail. This is especially important for underwire bras, when the weight of the wet bra could cause fabric and the underwire to stretch from the weight of a wet bra.
  • If you have sensitive skin, wash your bras and underwear with Eucalan before first wearing them. The clothing manufacturing process often uses additional chemicals and fabric agents to help ensure that garments don’t look too wrinkled when they arrive in stores.

  • If you want to save time, pick one evening a week when you will batch up the washing of your bras and delicate underwear all at once.

When you take care of your undergarments, they will last longer and be a joy to wear.  And they will love you back! Or at least, smile at you from the sink:

How to Wash Your Bra : Valentine's Edition |

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How to Wash Your Bra : Valentine's Edition |






How to Keep Your Workout Clothes Looking (and Smelling!) Like New

How to Wash Your Workout Clothes |

After all the cozy comforts of December, a lot of us are focusing on getting our exercise routines back on track, or jump started for the first time. You likely started eating more healthfully and have some nice new workout clothes, but do you know how to keep them looking -and smelling- their freshest?

Let Your Clothes Dry Before Putting them in the Laundry

If you ball up your sweaty workout clothes and chuck them into the laundry hamper, you are going to have one smelly pile of clothing come laundry day. Hang up your gym clothes to dry as soon you can. Throwing them balled up into the laundry hamper or letting them stew in your gym bag is a recipe for bacteria growth and stinky smells. Let your gym clothes dry before putting them in the laundry hamper.

Stubborn Odours? Here’s How to Deal

If odours have already settled into the items, let them soak in a mixture of half water and half white vinegar for about 20 minutes. This will help kill bacteria-causing smells and freshen everything up.

How to Wash Your Workout Clothes |

Washing Your Gym Clothes Step-by-Step
Keep everything smelling fresh and looking new!

  • Before washing, turn all your gym clothes inside out. This not only helps protect color fading from frequent washing, it helps Eucalan wash to get straight to the parts of the fabric that need the most cleaning power.
  • Set your washing machine to cold. Hot water can contribute to fabrics shrinking, and speed up the breakdown of technical fibres like spandex.
  • Add one pod or a capful of Eucalan in the scent of your choice to the washing machine. We recommend Eucalyptus, Grapefruit or Lavender for their naturally-occurring antibacterial benefits, as they are made with pure essential oils.
  • If you’re combatting some really smelly gear, add another half cup of vinegar to the final rinse cycle of your washing machine.
  • Air dry your clothes.  Heat from the dryer can make fabrics shrink, and degrade high-performance fibres. Hang away from sunlight and direct heat to help keep the fabrics looking new.

These tips and instructions work for athletic gear, as well- so if you or a family member plays sports and their uniforms or gear are getting a bit ripe, follow these tips to get them looking and smelling fresh again.  Don’t forget your outwear that you exercise in, too! If you do a lot of winter running, you know that your hats, gloves and jackets can all get sweaty.

How to Wash Your Workout Clothes |

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How to Wash Your Workout Clothes |




Caring for Fabric Holiday Decorations

How to Care for Fabric Holiday Decorations |

Pulling out our treasured holiday decorations, many of which are handmade or have been passed down through generations, really brings out the love of family and togetherness this time of year. But sometimes fabric decorations- like stockings, soft ornaments and tabletop decorations – can begin to show their age (or some smears of chocolate)  more than we would like. Here’s how to care for all of your fabric holiday decorations, even if they are very delicate or very old.

Take a close look at all of your holiday decorations.  Sometimes it can be hard to notice water spots or other discolorations until they begin to yellow with age and being shut in a box for most of the year.  Or maybe some little ones got into the holiday treats and then picked up the knitted snowman that was on your coffee table display.  Whatever the reason that your decorations need a clean, read on!

How to Care for Fabric Holiday Decorations |

  • Check for any loose threads, beading, sequins, or any parts that might not be fully attached to the decoration. Take the time to reattach any loose bits before cleaning will help ensure that your precious pieces don’t loose their decorative details over the holiday season.

How to Care for Fabric Holiday Decorations |

  • Fill a clean sink with tepid water and a capful of Eucalan in your favourite scent.  Submerge your decorations, being careful not to put too many in at a time- you want the water to have good circulation around each item.  If they have some stubborn spots consider using a Eucalan stain treating towelette to help get the marks out.
  • Hang items to dry somewhere away from sunlight (which can cause yellowing).

How to Care for Fabric Holiday Decorations |

  • Iron any items that need it, such as tree skirts, table linens, and stockings. Make sure that the surface of your iron is very clean. Using a spray bottle to spray the fabric’s surface to ensure a smooth finish.  If your piece has any applique,  beading or sequins; use a light heat setting, in case the applique is made from polyester or other man-made fabrics. We recommend using a white pressing cloth (or clean white tea towel) to protect delicate fibers.
  • Enjoy! And remember,  give your decorations a clean again when the season is over before putting them away, and wrap them in white tissue paper to help prevent moisture and colour transfer from one decoration to another. This can help protect your decorations for many years to come.

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And if you are looking for fresh ideas for celebrating the holidays, we have a great Pinterest board full of stunning crafts, patterns, and great recipes!


How to Wash a Party Dress

How to Wash a Party Dress |

It’s coming – party season! It won’t be long before your evenings start to fill up with gatherings of friends, family,  work parties, and holiday parties. The next eight weeks are going to be some of the busiest all year long – so you don’t want to have your favourite party clothes stuck at the dry cleaner, or giving yourself the extra chore of taking dresses to the cleaners, waiting for them to be ready, and then picking them back up again. Not when you can take care of all your dressy clothes at home with Eucalan.

Eucalan is non-toxic, biodegradable, free of optical brighteners, phosphates, synthetic fragrance and dye – so it’s a perfect choice for taking care of delicate fabrics or items that have some beading or sequins, which seem so appropriate for dressy winter items.   Besides, washing it yourself is easier (and faster) than you’d think! We can walk you through the whole process step by step:

  1.  Add Eucalan to your washing machine or sink with tepid water.
  2. Immerse dress in water and allow to soak for 15 minutes.
  3. Squeeze dress with your hands to incorporate soap and water through the fabric.
  4. Soak dress for an additional 15 minutes.
  5. Eucalan does not require rinsing, but if you wish to, give it a gentle rinse under fresh tepid water.
  6. Remove from water and squeeze or spin out excess water.
  7. You may roll in a towel, but go slowly and be careful not to get any beads or sequins stuck on towel fibres.
  8. Hang to dry away from direct sunlight or heat (your shower is probably a good spot).

That’s it!

When it comes to preparing for a night out, it’s worth having a Eucalan stain treating towelette in your bag. It’s brilliant for cleaning up any deodorant marks that can get on sleeveless dresses, or remove any food spots.

How to Wash a Party Dress |

If you are looking for some dressier clothes for the holiday party season, or just looking for some dressing up inspiration, you should check out our Dressing Up Pinterest Board!

How to Wash a Party Dress |

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How to Recycle Yarn

This is a guest post from Julie Crawford, and previously appeared on We loved it so much we asked to repost it here so that Eucalan fans can learn all these important tricks for recycling yarn!

How to Recycle Yarn |

I don’t often do tutorials, but I have recently learned SO MUCH about how to reuse yarn from a knit that I had to share it with you guys. In particular because I’ve finally decided to turn my Delineate Tank into a Manzanilla Sweater, using the Spirit Trail Fiberworks yarn that I loved so much the first time around. I had almost two full skeins leftover from the original project, so this sweater will be a mix of unused yarn AND recycled yarn, which will have its own considerations. First, let’s recycle the yarn.

Types of yarn- the ‘stickier’ a yarn is, the harder it is to rip back. if there is any mohair or angora in it, it will be cling to the stitches, and not want to be easily undone. It can still be done, but you’ll need to go more slowly.

You will need:

  • the knit
  • wool wash (my favourite is Eucalan)
  • a crochet hook or blunt tapestry needle
  • some waste yarn
  •  a sink
  • a towel

A note about the wool wash, in case you are wondering why I’m declaring Eucalan as my fave: I’ve tried other kinds, but I always come back to Eucalan because I get a lot of product for the price, which means more washes. It’s totally biodegradable and made with natural ingredients, and I also really like that the cap and top of bottle seem to magically stay clean and never get gummed up or sticky. My favourite scents are Pink Grapefruit and Jasmine Wrapture, but I’m using classic Eucalyptus scent for this tutorial.

Step 1

If you look closely at your hems and where you bound off, and pull a bit at the fabric, you will be able to see the tiny tail of where the ends were woven in. You can use a crochet hook or a blunt tapestry needle to begin pulling it loose, until you can then undo the cast off. If at any point prior to this you can’t find the end or the knot you pulled when you cast off was so tight there’s no way you’ll undo it, then you can always get some scissors and snip out the cast on edge.

How to Recycle Yarn |

Step 2

Start pulling. You may need to pause now and then, especially with flat knitting, as the sides tend to be a bit stickier.

How to Recycle Yarn |

As the yarn comes away, you will need to wrap it into a ball. If you have a yarn swift you can attach the loose end to the swift and unwind the sweater that way. But you can also just use your hand, like this:

How to Recycle Yarn |

You will need to make a new ball for each section of yarn that you have. So, as you are winding and come to the end of the skein in the knit, put that ball aside and start a new one with the new end that you find.

Step 3:

Once you have unwound and have all the balls of crinkly, ramen-noodle style yarn, you will need to get it ready for a bath. You can use a swift if you have one, but I used the backs of two chairs, one of which had the high chair on it. And it had so much crusted baby food and weird stains that I couldn’t bear to snap a photo. So, it should look like the photo in this link, where the chairs are clean. Then, using the waste yarn, loosely tie 2-3 sections of it to keep all the strand of yarn corralled together. This will be very important for keeping the yarn from becoming a snarled mess later on. It will look like this:

How to Recycle Yarn |

Step 4:

Bath time! Pour a capful of Eucalan into a sink filled with warm (not hot) water. Immerse the yarn.How to Recycle Yarn |

You want to ensure that the yarn is fully saturated, and not floating on the surface. Push it down until it’s absorbed a fair quantity of water, and let it sit for about half an hour to help the fibers get fully relaxed. After 20 minutes, take a look at the yarn – is it still a bit crinkly? Then it needs more time. Continue soaking. If it’s relaxed, then drain the water (no need to rinse), squeeze out the excess water gently, and roll in a towel to remove more of the water. Hang to dry away from heat or light, a shower is a good place for this.

Step 5:

You can then wind your yarn into a ball, or into a hank, both are shown below. Here is a 1 min video showing how to wind your yarn into a hank (the long one that looks like a pastry), which is ideal if you aren’t going to be using it right away.

How to Recycle Yarn |

Hedgehog is just for visual interest. I was trying to get one of the cats to lay beside it, but when was the last time a cat did anything you wanted it to do?

Now, before you dive into your knit, if you have a mix of yarn you have recycled AND yarn that hasn’t been used (like me!), then you want to keep the following in mind. I would like to give a big shout out of thanks to Celeste, a previous commentor who emailed with me about this, and had wonderful tips to share.

  1. Cotton and acrylic might not change a lot in the process above, but wool, wool blends (and alpaca) can stretch a little or a lot.
  2. It could also have stretched a bit, if you hung your washed yarn up to dry, rather than laid it flat.
  3. Once a yarn is washed, it plumps up, filling in the space between fibers. Unwashed yarn won’t have done this yet. So you know that this will affect your….
  4. Gauge!! You will need to do a gauge swatch in both your washed yarn AND your unwashed yarn to compare, and see if there is any difference. There could be a very big difference, and you want to know before investing a sweater’s worth of time into a knit.

Then Celeste also suggested this brilliant step:

“Another way to do a quick check is to lay the two yarns parallel to each other. You likely won’t see a difference in thickness. If you do, then it’s a sure sign. What you’d want to look for is the twist of plies of the yarn. If you lay a ruler next to them count the times the plies curve over the yarn in 4″/10cm segment (like a swatch the larger the measurement the greater accuracy). Then do the same for the second yarn. If they match up perfectly you can choose where to go from there.”

Genius, right? So if your yarn is showing a difference, then simplest solution is to wash all of it, both the used and unused yarn. If it is treated the same way and more likely to behave the same from one skein to the next.

There you have it! How to reuse your wonderful, precious yarn. If you’ve invested all that time into creating a knitted piece, it should be something you love to wear. If it isn’t (once you have completed the 6 emotional stages of frogging a project) and you love the yarn, why not give it a new lease on life? You might knit something you can’t live without this time!

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Easy Swimwear Care

Sometimes, you just need a day at the beach (or lounging poolside). But sun, sea salt, and chlorine can wreak havoc on your swimwear if not properly cared for.

Keep your bathing suit looking its best with Eucalan.

The good news is that it’s quite easy to keep your bathing suit in tip-top condition: after every use, wash in your favourite scent of Eucalan. We show you how in this easy tutorial:

As you can see, it takes only a few minutes to remove the oils, chlorine and lotions which can break down the fibres of your swim suit and fade the colours over time. You can even wash your suit in your hotel sink while traveling with our single use pods! We recommend our LavenderGrapefruit or Jasmine scents for their naturally antiseptic properties.

Single Use Pods of Eucalan are great for travel.

Need a little reminder every now and then? Keep this graphic handy for future reference by printing, pinning, or sharing on social media:

How to wash your swimwear with Eucalan.

Now you can have fun in the sun all summer long!

Spa Day for Luxe Lingerie & Active Wear

Luxe lingerie deserves the very best to preserve it for years to come. Just as you would treat yourself to a spa day, why not show your extra special pieces some TLC?


Marlies Dekkers top and bottom with Lavender Eucalan.

Eucalan brings to mind a “spa-like” atmosphere. The natural formula, free from dyes, optical brighteners, enzymes, bleach and synthetic fragrances, shows well in the natural bottle. The bottle itself is see-through, showing  that we are transparent: there’s nothing to hide. Most people feel refreshed when they use Eucalan, which can be attributed to the light, natural essential oil fragrances which scent the air and your delicate garments as well as the fact that laundering with Eucalan couldn’t possibly be any easier.

Active wear lasts longer when properly cared for; visit the Eucalan blog for easy to follow instructions.

Giving lingerie, swimwear and active wear a quick wash in the basin is not a laborious task. A quick dip and squeeze is all it takes (click here to view our complete care instructions over on our website). Because Eucalan is free from all the harsh stuff other cleaners have, there’s no need to rinse the product out – in fact, our lanolin-enriched formula will condition and soften your luxe and specialty fibres. Better yet, our gentle, natural formula won’t dull colours or break down the elastic. In fact, your stretchy garments need that quick bath to remove body oils, perfumes and lotions so they can go back to their original shape, which will help them to last longer.

We have four great scents, plus a natural fragrance-free option. For the ultimate spa experience, we recommend our Lavender and Jasmine scents. Click each image below to learn more on our website!



Washi Tape Craft Ideas to Upcycle Your Empty Eucalan Bottles

How to upcycle empty Eucalan bottles with Washi TapeWith Earth Day just around the corner, we found ourselves thinking about creative ways to repurpose the everyday objects around us – and, as you can imagine, there are quite a few empty Eucalan bottles in our recycling bin. Recycling is great, but why not upcycle them into something fun & useful instead? Here are some ideas for creative ways to reuse empty Eucalan bottles in both our small 100mL and large 500mL sizes:

  • Pencil holder (works best with the large bottle)
  • Small flower vase
  • Organizing office supplies such as paper clips, push pins, and binder clips
  • Great containers for craft supplies, too – buttons, safety eyes, notions and other small items commonly used by crafters
  • Starter for seedlings for your garden
  • Flameless candle holder

…the possibilities are endless!

Follow these simple steps for making your washi tape containers with your empty Eucalan bottles:

How to upcycle empty Eucalan bottles with Washi Tape

First, assemble your supplies. You’ll need some empty Eucalan bottles, plenty of washi tape, and some strong scissors.

How to upcycle empty Eucalan bottles with Washi Tape

Next, decide how tall you want your finished container to be, and make a score mark so that you know where to cut off the top of the bottle.

How to upcycle empty Eucalan bottles with Washi Tape

Next, carefully cut off the top of the bottle.

How to upcycle empty Eucalan bottles with Washi Tape

Now for the fun part! Begin to wrap your  container in washi tape in concentric layers or bands, starting at the bottom. You could even alternate washi designs to create stripes!

How to upcycle empty Eucalan bottles with Washi Tape

When you reach the top, add one final layer of washi tape with the top half above the edge of the container. Cut the tape at intervals so that you can fold it over the top edge to create a neat finish.

Ta-da! Now you have  lovely containers to use however you like!


Crafty Back-to-School!

As summer winds down and the kids head back to school, our thoughts have turned to more fibre-y pursuits here at Eucalan. Perhaps it was all the fun of last weekend’s Twist Fibre Festival (which we sponsored for its third year running), or maybe it’s all of the great new patterns coming out right now in anticipation of cooler temperatures. Either way, we are looking forward to getting crafty in the months to come, and today we’ll be sharing some of our favourite inspirations to stitch this month with a back-to-school theme!

pencilsWe’re loving these clever knitting projects based on the iconic yellow no. 2 pencil! From L-R above:  Sinuous Pencil Scarf by Alice Humbracht (note: we also found a crochet version here on Ravelry!), No. 2 Pencil Socks by the Yarn Enabler, Arthur by Anna Hrachovec.

pencilcaseCROCHETOf course, every well-organized student needs a pencil case, and these whimsical crochet patterns are sure to make studying fun! From L-R above: Pencil Cases by Ana Paula Rimoli, Mister Snaps by Irene Strange,  Robot Pencil Case by Sincerely Pam.

btsSEWThere are lots of creative organizational ideas to sew for back-to-school, and these two free tutorials we discovered via are simple enough to whip up in a jiffy! Left: Composition Book Cover Tutorial by V and Co.; Right: Crayon Zip Bag by The Good Weekly.

needlepointFor fans on needlepoint, we discovered these amusing projects via Pinterest which cover both ends of the spectrum when it comes to packing a school lunch. Left: Eat Your Veggies by Athena and Eugenia; Right: Darth Vader by DorkStitch.

For more back-to-school inspirations, check out our Pinterest board here!