Gifts for Dads & Grads

Father’s Day is just around the corner and lots of new graduates are about to make their way into the world. Why not surprise dear old Dad  and your favorite grad with a gift you know they’ll use? Today, we share some top picks for both!


  1. Food Gifts: Whether your dad has a sweet or savory tooth, you can probably find gourmet goodies to suit his appetite. There are also plenty of DIY ideas on pinterest such as these DIY Popcorn Salts or this recipe for Cowboy Spice mix. New grads (especially those heading off to college!) will appreciate gift cards to grocery stores where they’ll be heading.
  2. Beverages: Does your dad love coffee, beer, wine, or whiskey? Chances are, there is probably a monthly subscription club for that, or you could just surprise him with a few well-chosen bottles or beans! Depending on the age of your grad, this might also be a great option to explore.
  3. Washi Tape Holders: Use our easy DIY idea for upcycling empty Eucalan bottles into pen, pencil  and paperclip holders! Pick a washi tape print you know your dad or grad will love, to make a one-of-a-kind gift just for them – click here for a free tutorial.
  4. The Getaway Gang: Our all-in-one kit is perfect for students who will be on their own for the first time ever! It contains single use pods of each of our 5 scents, our Stain Treating Towelettes, and even a nail file and small sewing kit.
  5. A Picture Says 1,000 Words: When in doubt, a framed photo of one of your favorite memories is a heartfelt gift that will always be appreciated.

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Sustainable Tourism & Eucalan

Sustainable tourism is an emerging trend in the world of travel: destinations which support the local economy and preserve the pristine environment can be enjoyed in a number of ways, from backpacking trips to eco resorts. Many of these destinations have specific instructions for what types of personal care products are allowed – for instance, Mexico has restrictions on certain sunscreens which are commonly used in the rest of North America. These measures are aimed at keeping the water supply and surrounding environment pure & clean.

Maya Bay, Thailand

Maya Bay, Thailand

Our biodegradable formula meets the European Union’s strict guidelines for detergents, which means that Eucalan will not negatively impact the environment anywhere in the world. That’s great news for travelers, especially since washing lingerie and bathing suits in between uses is recommended to extend the life of the piece. Packing a Getaway Gang or a few Eucalan single-use pods will safely clean your clothes, wherever your travels take you.

Different scenarios require different clothing, but you’re limited by the size of your suitcase. The little extras you put in your checked bag can make the difference between wearing the same pair of jeans for days or being able to pack a few more wardrobe options for any occasion which may come up. While our single use pods and 100mL bottles are the perfect size for carry-on luggage for a weekend getaway, a longer trip will require a little more planning to quickly and easily keep all of the items in your carefully-packed wardrobe ready to wear.

Eucalan Single Use Pods - Great for a Quick Getaway

Eucalan Single Use Pods – Great for a Quick Getaway

Your best bet is to check your luggage, which allows you a lot more leeway when it comes to liquids you can take on your voyage. Our Getaway Gang is a portable pack of garment care essentials that you can easily slip into your suitcase. Inside the clear vinyl zip bag, you will find ten single-use packs of Eucalan’s signature no-rinse delicate garment wash (two each in the five scents of lavender, grapefruit, eucalyptus, jasmine and unscented) along with exclusive handy products that you can tuck into your purse or pocket: a sewing kit, a nail file, and 6 Stain Treating Towelettes. Carrying one with you while you’re on the go is like having an insurance policy for your clothes–you can deal with that spot or spill immediately after it happens.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that Eucalan wash is only for delicates! It will freshen anything in your travel wardrobe that can be immersed in water and allowed to dry – as we already mentioned, Eucalan is great for rinsing out your bathing suit after each use to keep the colors vibrant. We have even more easy-care washing tips for quick reference here on our website or here on our YouTube channel.

The Eucalan Getaway Gang

You will be ready for whatever adventure  (or wardrobe emergency) your journey brings thanks to Eucalan and the Getaway Gang!

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