Makeup Declutter Challenge with Eucalan!

If you love wearing makeup (or even if you don’t), we bet you have a drawer or a cabinet full of products you don’t use very often. In the spirit of Marie Kondo, we’re inspired to tackle that challenge, get rid of old and unused products and only keep what brings us joy. If you’re ready to take that challenge with us, then keep reading!

A blue plaid zippered makeup bag is open on a peach background and brushes, lipstick, mascara are splayed out.
  1. Take inventory.

Any good cleanout starts with making a really big mess. It’s time to dump those drawers or cabinets out and figure out what you have. Corral all your beauty products in one place so you can see what’s in your collection.

  1. Start sorting.

A good place to start is to pull out the products that you use daily or weekly. Those are your must haves, and you’re using them!

Next pull out any products that you haven’t used in at least a year. Why haven’t you used them? Are they old? Out of season? Not quite what you wanted when you bought it? What makes you hold on to these products? 

  1. Time to clean house.

Remember that even if makeup doesn’t “expire” it does provide places for bacteria to grow, so you should be replacing items regularly. You can find more details in this informative report, but here are the basic suggestions:

  • Mascara – every 3 months
  • Lipsticks – yearly
  • Eyeliner – every 3-6 months, pencils last longer than liquids
  • Primers/Foundation – 2 years
  • Powders/Blush – 2 years
  • Lotions and creams in pump bottles – yearly
  • Lotions and creams you scoop out – every 3-6 months

If the products you are disposing of come from the pile that you don’t wear regularly, consider not replacing them. If they’re part of your everyday must-haves, definitely repurchase them!

A black plastic tray with different compartments stores compacts, brushes, mascara and lipsticks in neat orderly fashion.
  1. Let’s organize.

If you’re going to use all these products on a regular basis, make sure you’re organizing them so you can find them more easily. Purchase drawer trays/separators, or baskets for cabinets to keep everything neat and tidy and in its own proper place. This will cut down on clutter! If you’re looking for some inspiration, we love this article from Apartment Therapy featuring 16 different makeup organizers!

  1. Think about future purchases.

We’ve all fallen prey to impulse purchasing where we just have to have the newest color or try a new product. As you continue to purchase products, just keep a mindful eye on what you wear, what fits into your lifestyle and what you’re most likely to use. If it brings you joy, or you still have to have it, go for it!

White cups with lace cutouts hold a variety of makeup brushes on a vanity table.
  1. Don’t forget the makeup brushes!

The tools you use to apply your makeup should be clean and fresh to avoid makeup contamination. Brushes and sponges should be cleaned weekly to remove excess makeup and oils from your skin, and this is where Eucalan Delicate Wash can help!

  • Wet bristles with water.
  • Add a drop of full-strength Eucalan to bristles. Massage through with fingers in the direction the bristles are placed (from base to tip)
  • Rinse well. Repeat previous steps as necessary .
  • Gently squeeze excess water out of bristles by placing brush on a clean absorbent towel, wrap towel over bristles and press the towel down onto the bristles. Do not rub, simply press down. Do this several times, then allow brushes to lay on towel until fully dry. Note: do not stand brushes on bristles or on ends as this will ruin your brush.

Did we miss anything? We’d love to hear your favourite tips for decluttering makeup and cosmetics. Please leave us a message in the comments.

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Eyeshadow, brushes, mascara, fake eyelashes, blush beads and concealer are laid out on a pink background.

A new FREE pattern from Eucalan: The Densa Dopp Kit by Country Cow Designs

We’re thrilled to announce that we’re now offering a new sewing pattern, the Densa Dopp Kit by Country Cow Designs for FREE when you sign up for our newsletter. Today we’re featuring an interview with Adam & Jo Kay, the husband and wife team behind Country Cow Designs to chat about their design inspiration and process.

A smaller and a larger dopp kit in leather and floral fabric sit on a wooden table.

An Interview with Adam & Jo Kay:

Q: How did you come to sewing and designing?

A (Jo): I’ve always been a bit of a sports nut and definitely didn’t have an interest in sewing, or any other craft for that matter. I spent my spare time surfing, skating and playing badminton and squash. But when I was 27 I developed health issues that stopped me in my tracks. I can no longer do any form of activity that raises my heart rate, which was a big change of pace for me. My mum bought me a sewing machine and said I needed to give it a try as I needed a hobby that suited my new circumstances. I tried to make a dress and didn’t understand any of the instructions in the pattern so I gave up and the sewing machine sat unused for about a year. 

In the meantime, my husband Adam, had been dabbling in leather craft and making bags. So when I decided to give sewing another go, it seemed right to try bag making. I started trying out different bag patterns but I found that many of them assumed a lot of existing knowledge on the part of the user. That’s when I decided I wanted to write bag patterns. I wanted to write patterns that had step by step instructions and answered all the questions you have in your head when you’re making a bag. I was also really intent on designing bags on a domestic machine as many of the patterns I tried seemed impossible to sew on my machine. Since then, it’s gone from strength to strength and in 2021 Adam decided to give up his accountancy practice and join me full time. He assists with the design process and is even writing patterns entirely of his own, such as our new “No Sew Tote“.

Q: What are your favourite techniques and projects to design?

A: My favourite thing to design is something new, anything new. I love to incorporate a new idea or method into every pattern. I think it’s really important to continue imagining new techniques and trying new things. It means we go through a lot of prototypes before we create a finished pattern because we’re trying out various methods and techniques on each one. We try to decide which technique works best and gives the most professional look to a bag, whilst also being enjoyable and not so complex that you want to give up on the bag.

Q. What are some of your favourite designs?

A: For me and Adam, our favourite design is the Sedron backpack. It’s not our most popular pattern, as many are put off by the size, but it’s absolutely our favourite to make. We’re not sure why we enjoy it so much, but we found that the pattern testing team felt the same way. It’s just a really fun bag to make. My next favourite pattern is the Momexa. I love the side shape and the way it’s constructed is different to most other crossbody bags, which makes it simple and fun to put together.

On the left, a man wears a rectangular  backpack. On the right a handbag sits on a rock. The handback has a floral print that almost looks like newspaper and a big tassle.

Q: What was your inspiration for the Densa Dopp Kit?

A: Now that Adam is firmly in the business with me, we decided we should be making more man friendly patterns, not just girly bags. Adam wanted a dopp kit for when we go away to see family, but all the patterns we found had raw edges or binding inside. We knew there would be a way to construct it without any raw seams so we got to work on it, and our dopp kit pattern was born. The diagonal feature fabric on the exterior is just because I can’t resist a good diagonal feature on a bag. You’ll notice this is something of a common occurrence in our patterns.

Q. What’s a question you wish I asked?

A: Why should people try sewing bags, when clothes are the norm?

I think everyone should give bags a go. Bags make fantastic gifts because you don’t have to worry about sizing. One size fits all. They’re also really easy to personalise by using unique zip pulls or funky hardware, so they can be really fun. There’s a tonne of support and video tutorials available for making bags, which makes it a great place to start if you’re just getting into sewing. For example, all our paid for patterns include full video tutorials that walk you through every step. Because they’re one size, you don’t have to worry about grading or sizing the pattern to suit your body shape. For me, bags have always been much easier to make than clothes, so I really think anyone can give it a go.

The Densa Dopp Kit

Two zippered dopp kits in denim and stripey fabric sit side by side.

The Densa Dopp Kit is a beginner-friendly sewing pattern that includes instructions for producing kits in two sizes. The pattern is written clearly with step-by-step instructions, tons of photos, and also includes a link to a video tutorial that will help you create an amazing bag. This kit is designed using cotton, canvas, cork or vinyl for the exterior, but can be adapted for any fabric. Whether you use it as a toiletry kit or a crafty project bag, we hope you’ll enjoy it as much as we do!

A few details:

Materials Needed (Small/Large):

  • Zip Tape and One Zip Pull – 14 (19)” / 36 (48) cm, No. 5
  • Exterior Fabric – ½ (⅔) yard / 50 (60) cm, 44”/112 cm wide
  • Lining Fabric – ½ (⅔) yard / 50 (60) cm, 44”/112 cm wide
  • Webbing (optional) – 5 ½ (7)” / 14 (18) cm, 1” / 2.5 cm
  • Thread: Suitable to your machine. Adam & Jo used polyester Saba Tex 40 or Coats Moons threads on their domestic sewing machine.
A close up on a dopp kit in floral fabric with a fun metal zipper pull.

Download your free copy when you sign up for our email list today!

We hope you enjoy the pattern and can’t wait to see your versions! Please share them with us on social media using the hashtags #eucalan and #countrycowdesigns.

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Celebrating Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is next weekend and it’s time to celebrate. Whether you’re looking for suggestions on how to celebrate your own mother, or ideas to pass along so your nearest and dearest can celebrate you, today we’ve rounded up some fun ideas to make the day special for you and your family. 

Say it with flowers!

There’s no simpler way to say thank you or I love you than with flowers. Whether you go for a fresh bouquet, or create flowers that will last a lifetime, we found some fun ideas to inspire your floral dreams!

A collage of floral items: coffee filter pale pink roses in a black box, a candle with pressed dried flowers around the outside, a card with a 3-D paper flower, and felt flowers with buttons at the center.

Make it a brunch to remember!

With the world still in flux, maybe a small gathering at home is just what mom wants this year. Whether it’s brunch with a few friends, or your family, we found some tasty recipes and gorgeous tablescapes to make your Mother’s Day brunch a true escape!

A collage of items: a brunch table set with fresh flowers, teacups, jam, and polaroid photos of children; a feats including waffles, fresh orange juice, pink mousse, quail eggs, and coffee; a pitcher of watermelon peach sangria

Gifts to cherish.

And of course, we couldn’t forget that mom will love a thoughtful gift. Whether you’re in search of DIY crafts that kids can make, to items that celebrate your motherhood, to just a bit of pampering, we’ve found some fun ideas to get you started!

A collage of items: a pom pom rug, a wooden planter with photos printed on each side, thumb prints stacked in the shape of a heart in glass beads

We hope we’ve given you lots of inspiration, but if you’re still in search of the perfect gift for or way to celebrate your mother, we’ve got a Pinterest board full of ideas.

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Ladies Who Lead presents Arlene Dickinson

Eucalan is thrilled to announce that we’re sponsoring Ladies Who Lead, and their event featuring Arlene Dickinson, to be held on Thursday May 26th at 7:00pm.

Arlene Dickinson, widely known as the “Dragon With a Heart,” is a South African Canadian businesswoman, investor, author and personality. She first came to widespread attention for her appearance on the CBC business reality show Dragon’s Den in 2007, where she remains a “dragon investor” to this day. She subsequently published several books including Persuasion (an autobiography), All In, and Reinvention: Changing Your Life, Your Career, Your Future. Arlene is full of fire, inspiration and wit as she shatters glass ceilings and finds success in virtually everything she does. 

This evening of inspiration and community will be held in the Sanderson Centre for Performing Arts in Brantford, Ontario. You can purchase tickets now to join us!

Ladies Who Lead is a “network of dynamic, professional women empowered through support, inspiration and mentoring, to promote success of women in business and their professions.” It was founded in 2019 by Shannon McMannis. Though it had an incredibly successful first year, in its second year it was faced with the difficulty of a worldwide pandemic, however it refused to be dormant, providing much needed support and community to female leaders and their businesses. Since re-opening to the public in late 2021, Ladies Who Lead has redoubled its effort to hold in person events and resume connections creating a cohesive community of women leaders.

Eucalan is delighted to support such a wonderful organization.

What to Make and Wear in Spring 2022

We’re hearing the siren call of spring and we know summer isn’t far behind it. And all the new spring/summer magazines are out, full of gorgeous patterns to knit and crochet. That can only mean that it’s time for our seasonal update of our favourite new designs to wear and make!

Tops and Tees

Whether you want lacy tops and tees, cardigans to stave off the cool breezes, cables or colourwork, we found some gorgeous knit and crochet patterns you won’t want to miss! 


Spring and summer are the perfect seasons for lightweight shawls. Here we found lace and cables, and patterns that mix color and different yarns for textural delight!

Accessories and More

We love spring and summer for knitting socks – they’re the ultimate portable project! Or perhaps you’re looking for a new summer tote, or a beautiful reusable market bag for all those glorious farmer’s markets. And who doesn’t need a blanket (that makes use of planned pooling – a hot new trend) for an impromptu picnic?

We hope we’ve given you a little bit of inspiration to start some new spring and summer projects. If you’d like more inspiration, you can always check out our Pinterest boards dedicated to amazing knit and crochet patterns!

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Eucalan and EcoParent

Eucalan is delighted to announce that we’re sponsoring 12 weeks of the Healthy Green Homes, a podcast on the EcoParent Podcasting Network. Host Emma Rohmann is an environmental engineer with over 15 years of experience as an accredited green building consultant. In this podcast, Emma shares her knowledge on reducing harmful toxins in your lives and lowering your carbon footprint. Each episode focuses on a specific topic with enough details to help you take actionable steps and make changes in your home without becoming too overwhelming.

Host Emma Rohmann

Healthy Green Homes already has four great episode available and you can check them out on the website, or on Google Podcasts, Apple Podcasts or Spotify.

The EcoParent Podcast Network was started in 2022 to expand offerings to parents interested in making responsible, sustainable and attainable lifestyle choices for their families. They are currently running an IndieGoGo campaign in furtherance of their mission:

“We strive to help busy families live healthier, greener lifestyles. Like most listeners, the expert hosts of each channel are imperfect, busy parents who want to lower their carbon footprint on the planet. Through raw, honest conversations, we explore the challenges of parenthood and of living sustainably in a consumption obsessed world. Most importantly, each podcast provides parents with specialized advice and practical, easy to understand strategies to keep your family thriving.”

Founded by Sam Stedman in 2011, EcoParent began as a quarterly print and digital magazine focused on green and healthy parenting and family lifestyle. And it’s not all talk! Since day one, they’ve always printed on post-consumer waste, recycled, uncoated paper stock. And their advertisers are carefully vetted to ensure they meet green standards. They strive to be fun and inspirational, and never judgemental.

We love Sam and his mission, and we’re proud to be a sponsor of a fellow Canadian making the world a better place!

Sewing for Baby + Eucalan

Spring is just around the corner and with it comes new growth and new life. For today’s post we went down the Pinterest rabbit hole to find some inspiration on sewing for baby. From clothing, to quilts, to tons of other useful and adorable items, we’ve collected our favourite projects here. If you want more inspiration, be sure to check out our Pinterest board, Oh Baby!


If you want to create some cute outfits for baby, we found tons of patterns that inspire our “Awwwwws.” Try the Double Top Knot Hat by Sweet Red Poppy to keep their little heads warm. Or combine a DIY Baby Bodysuit from Spoonflower and some DIY Baby Leggings from Coral + Co. for a matched set! Celebrate baby’s arrival with a Newborn Gown from Stitched Together that can also function as a sleep sack at night. Or make the cutest little Mary Jane Baby Shoes from The Cottage Mama.


Let’s face it, babies are a bit messy! Try to keep them clean at mealtimes with this Free Baby Bib Pattern from Heather Handmade. Make changing diapers on the go a snap with the All in One Changing Mat from Made by Marzipan. And make post-bathtime super cuddly with this adorable Hooded Towel Tutorial from More Like Grace. Keep track of those binkies with DIY Pacifier Clips from Viva Veltoro, and get all your baby gear together in this sleek Stroller Friendly Diaper Bag from More Like Home!

Blankets and Quilts

Nothing is better than cuddling a new baby in a blanket or quilt. Make it soft and cuddly with this Minky Blanket from Suzy Quilts. Too many blankets? Turn all those extra receiving blankets into a quilt with this tutorial from from Confessions of a Serial DIYer. Give your baby a variety of textures with this Soft and Snuggly Sensory Baby Quilt from Polka Dot Chair or lots of fun colors with the Wonky Stripes Baby Quilt from Quilts by Emily. Need a few more quick wraps? Check out these Jumbo Reversible Receiving Blankets by Happy Hooligans.


If none of the above items suit, why not sew baby a fabulous lovey? How cute is the Cuddly Hedgehog Toy from Cheryl Owen? And elephants are always a hit – try the Henry and Helga Plushies from Birch Fabrics. Jumpstart learning and building with these Baby Blocks with Taggies from Making Things is Awesome or these Fabric Baby Rings from Twenty-First Century Lady. Sometimes the simplest pattern is best: we love this sweet Bunny Lovey from Project Nursery.

Caring for Baby Items with Eucalan

​​Now that you’ve created some lovely items for baby, how can you keep them clean and germ-free? Eucalan is a delicately mild soap, gentle enough to be the primary soap used to care for all your babies’ favourite things. You can find directions on laundering various baby items on our website. Many love Lavender for their baby items, but you can refer to our scent selection information to choose your favourite. And don’t miss our handy video tutorial on Laundering Baby Items with Eucalan

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Make Your Valentine’s Day a Little Sweeter!

Whether you celebrate Valentine’s or Galentine’s Day, February 14th is a great day to spoil yourself and those who are special to you. Today we’re focusing on sweet treats and libations you can enjoy and share. And we’ve got a Pinterest board full of crafty ideas and recipes to celebrate the day. We hope you’ll enjoy a Valentine’s Day full of love!

Sweet Treats

Nothing says Valentine’s Day like a sweet treat! While chocolate is traditional, we’ve highlighted a few non-chocolate recipes as well.

A collage of sweet treat including cherry bread, chocolate mousse hearts, red macarons, chocolate frosted cookies with springs, trifles in small glasses, and rose petal covered chocolate bark.


Are you in the mood to mix up something fun to drink? We’ve pulled these mouth-watering recipes together to add a bit of romance to your Valentine’s evening!

A collection of gorgeous cocktails with fresh fruits, sugared glass ribs, and lots of pink!

We hope we’ve given you a few ideas to spoil yourself (and the one you love) this Valentine’s Day!

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A glass of champagne rests next to a plate of chocolate covered strawberries.

How To Extend The Life Of Your Favourite Pair of Stockings

A guest post from VienneMilano

A Chinese woman sits next to table featuring black thigh high stockings on model legs.
Vienne Brown of VienneMilano

Once or twice in a woman’s life, a pair of stockings come along that she just knows were made for her. They were destined to meet and make fashion history together. But as any woman who’s ever fallen in love with a clothing article knows, with great style comes great responsibility. 

You can’t always keep your stockings in a glass case (maybe,) so instead, you’re going to have to wash, store, and wear them with care. 

Over the years, the women who fell in love with stockings and the people who made them have discovered what works and what doesn’t when it comes to making a good thing last forever. 

Here’s the (sometimes obvious) secret: 

Buy the right stockings

The answer to most of life’s ills lies in prevention and making the right choice. Things are no different when it comes to buying stockings. Do future you a favor and invest now. If you go cheap, you’ll pay in the future. So, be the savvy shopper you know you are and buy stockings that’ll go the distance. 

If you’re not sure where to start and aren’t willing to trust the pricetag (smart move), a good rule of thumb is to choose stockings made in the following countries: Italy, France, UK, Japan. Or, here at VienneMilano, we welcome you to acquaint yourself with our line of luxurious thigh highs. We know first-hand that they’re made of hardy, Italian stuff – ideal for a long, lavish life!

A selection of black thigh high stockings from VienneMilano

Handle with dishwashing (latex, etc.) gloves

You see, we could have told you to keep your nails well-trimmed and short, but we know that’s just not feasible (unless that’s a sacrifice you’re willing to make.)

So, instead, we recommend you slip on a pair of marigolds. That’s right, we take ‘handle with care’ deathly seriously.

Steer well clear of…

Perfume, body spray, or anything with alcohol or acetone – yes – that means nail varnish remover and some lotions, maybe even your favorite – that’s just the sacrifice you’re going to have to make for your beloved stockings. Believe it or not, Vaseline is also a no-no.

The reason? All of the above are anti-stockings. They wage war against the very fabric of your precious favs on a thread-deep level. They work away at the fibers, diminishing morale and weakening their force, readying them to split, fray, and well -brace yourself – tear.

But before we go as far as to say “beauty is sacrifice,” the truth is that you can still use the above culprits, just be sure they don’t come in direct contact with your stockings! And don’t even think for a second of washing your stockings with them; instead, use:

An appropriate detergent

Otherwise known as Eucalan Delicate Wash. Eucalan’s brilliant formula is no-fuss and no-damage. It takes the dirt, grime, and other such build-up from your delicates and keeps on going. Eucalan’s natural formula works wonders for tights without once compromising their integrity. Coming in either bottle or pod form, Eucalan weaves its cleansing hands into each fiber, leaving behind a subtle, delicious essential oil-derived fragrance and pristine delicates.

On the left a woman wears black thigh high stockings and black heels, on the right a bottle of Eucalan Delicate Wash in Jasmine Scent rests on black lace.

Store properly to avoid pulling and tearing

It’s not the most glamourous of solutions, but it is the best by test and incredibly practical: individually place them in sandwich bags. It may feel like disrespect, but it’s a must-do for keeping your stockings in tip-top shape. The process for storing your stockings in drawers is as follow:

Fold them in two, leg over leg.

Roll them up with care, firmly but not too tight (while wearing your latex gloves, of course!)

Gently place them in the bag of your choice, swirl facing upwards.

Slot them into separated boxes inside the drawer; multiple pairs can be put into each box.

Feel free to skip the bagging step!

If you plan on organizing your stockings using coat or pocket hangers, keep well away from bras or anything else with hooks or sharp edges!

Say no to dryers

Dryers are the natural-born enemies of all things delicate. Pantyhose, tights, and thigh highs alike struggle to hold their integrity intact as the sweltering heat and spinning of the dryer bombard them incessantly.


Your favorite stockings deserve the TLC treatment. Extending their life is as simple as following the steps above. If you’d like to try out the stocking-friendly detergent we’re raving about these days, look no further than the Eucalan products we offer on our online boutique – it’s what your stockings deserve.

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5 Resolutions to Carry into the New Year

The last few years have been challenging and it’s hard to make plans or set goals when we don’t know what is coming next. This year we decided to pull together some ideas on how we hope to live throughout this time of uncertainty, focusing on what is important to us and where we want to spend our precious time and resources. We hope you’ll find something in this simple list to inspire you for the new year!

A pile of stones is stacked in shallow water, its reflection below.

Balance and Simplify

Living through the last few years has taught us what’s important. They have forced us to slow down, stay home more, and do less. While that hasn’t been without some level of stress, it has reinforced the need for better balance in our lives. It’s also a great time to simplify. What have you done in the past that is no longer working for you? Cut the waste out. Are you surrounded by too many things? Try purging items you no longer need or want and sharing them with others where possible. As simple (and hard) as it sounds, go device free and spend time enjoying more simple comforts: read a good book, spend time with family or friends, pick up a meditative craft. Focus on the things that matter most to you and spend more time with them.

A red-haired little girl wearing glasses and pink ballet slippers sits cross-legged and reading a book.

Keep Learning

Continue to grow your knowledge this year and commit to learning something new. This could mean taking a class or studying a new field that relates to your career. But it can just as easily be learning a new technique, trying a new hobby, or going back to something you used to enjoy but gave up when you no longer found the time for it. Learning new things stimulates our minds, requires us to be present in the moment, and keeps our curiosity and sense of wonder alive. Try a new knitting technique, pick up a complementary craft (embroidery, rug hooking, sewing?), or just make time for reading a new book or listening to new music each month. If you’d like to learn to knit cables or read knitting charts, check out the Woodland Pine Cowl, or learn to knit or crochet socks, or browse our blog for lots of crafty inspiration.

A cutting board with fresh apricots and greenery.

Build a Healthier Life

We’re not going to tell you to workout more or make drastic changes to how you eat, but give some thought to your lifestyle and how you might want to improve your health. Spend more time outside in the fresh air, take a daily walk to clear your head, add more fresh fruits and vegetables to mealtimes, or test out some vegetarian recipes a few times a month. Try yoga or meditation. Changes don’t have to be large, and you don’t have to make resolutions you won’t keep. Just think of some small, easy ways you could be kinder to your body and mind. 

A black woman wearing a black dress stands blurred in the background, her hand holding out a credit card.

Spend Wisely

For many, the past few years have changed our spending habits. Why not take a look at your finances and determine if there are things you are still purchasing and no longer using? Set a savings goal, as well as rewards for yourself when you achieve it. Spend money on the things that are important to you, but try to curb impulse spending. Research the companies you’re spending money with to determine if they align with your values and choose to spend intentionally.

A man and a boy stand silhouetted against the sky holding a heart between them.

Give Back

The old adage “tis better to give than to receive” isn’t just a chestnut. Giving back allows us to share our talents, time, and heart with those around us, and build connections to our communities. If you have money, consider supporting causes worthwhile to you. If you have time to spare, the opportunities are endless. A few ideas: food pantries are sorely in need of both donations and manpower; get active in eco-friendly initiatives; share your crafting talents with senior homes or care centers, or with children interested in learning the arts. Eucalan gives back each year and supports the health of our planet through 1% for the Planet.

We hope we’ve given you a few ideas for moving through 2022 with intention and purpose. Did you make resolutions this year? We’d love to hear about them! Leave a comment below or tag us on Instagram using the hashtag #eucalan.

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