A free pattern from Eucalan: Sweet Dreams Hat

Before the coronavirus changed the world so drastically, we had decided that we wanted to devote this spring to a charity project. While the world looks different now than it did a week or a month ago, we still strongly believe that the way through this is together, as a world community.

With that in mind, we’d like to announce our spring charity campaign, supporting the wonderful work that Subculture Yarn and True North Aid Canada do in the Hearts & Hands Knit & Crochet Project.

true north aid
True North Aid is committed to serving the northern communities in Canada with practical humanitarian support. Their projects include efforts devoted to education, health, self determination, food, water, housing and more.


Subculture Yarn spearheaded the Hearts & Hands Knit & Crochet Project to combine a love of fibre craft and humanitarian concerns in supporting new indigenous mothers and families. In February of 2019, Subculture Yarns began collecting handmade items (knit, crocheted and sewn) like baby hats, baby booties, baby blankets, baby sweaters, burp cloths and receiving blankets. Each month they send a box of items (“hundreds at a time”) up to Sioux Lookout to support the new mothers there.


We’d like to help! To support this charity effort we have a free pattern for you! Sweet Dreams, a knit hat pattern for newborns, was created by Laura Cameron and is FREE to you when you sign up for our newsletter. This simple, textured hat is a quick knit, unisex, and perfect to keep new little ones warm and cozy. We hope that you’ll knit one to donate to True North Aid or a worthy cause in your own community.


If you need tips on how to wash and block your handcrafted items prior to donating, we have a great YouTube video to guide you!


Right now, we’re all experiencing some version of sheltering in place, so what better time to craft items for charity that can be sent as soon as we can move about more freely? As soon as we are able to re-open our shipping department, Eucalan will be supporting the effort by donating a big box of our Delicate Wash single use pods to be included with donated items to the Sioux Lookout community.

Please join with us in this community effort and share your projects with us using the hashtag #eucalan on Instagram or in our Facebook group!

Sweet Dreams Hat

Our Favourite Trendsetters

Eucalan Delicate Wash has so many different uses; our biodegradable natural formula has lanolin in it which is wonderful for washing knit and crochet projects, but also cloth diapers and anything that touches your baby. It’s gentle enough to wash your finest silk lingerie, and also your heirloom quilts and even wedding dresses. So how do we stay on top of what’s hot in all these industries? We follow a ton of great creators! Today we’d love to share some of our favourite makers with you!

Knitting, Crochet & More

Eucalan who we follow(1)
If you’re a knitter or crocheter these days, you’re likely to find yourself browsing Ravelry for the latest trends. With its database full of patterns, the Hot Right Now lists, and forums full of discussions, we love browsing Ravelry to see what’s trending!

Kristin Omdahl designs gorgeous knit and crochet patterns as well as dyeing swoon-worthy yarns. If that weren’t enough, we teamed up with her to develop Wrapture – we love jasmine!

For excellent tutorials and fun projects, look no further than Staci Perry of Very Pink Knits! Staci’s website and YouTube library is an excellent reference tool for all things knitting and crochet.

We love following all the knitting magazines, but Pom Pom Quarterly is one of our favourites. Specifically focusing on innovative designs, diversity and inclusivity, Pom Pom is full of the latest trends in knitting and crochet.

James Crispin Janz, otherwise known as BurlyKnits, is who we turned to for the latest in luxury knitwear and accessories. We love his impeccable style and sense of whimsy.

We hesitate to start naming more of our favourite makers because we know we’ll leave someone out. But a handful of our fellow Canadian creators like Laura Chau, Julie Crawford, Tracie Millars and Jodi Brown of the Grocery Girls Podcast, Sweet Georgia, and Zen Yarn Garden are always inspiring. Other designers we love following include Joji Locatelli, Andrea Mowry, Tin Can Knits, Hunter Hammersen, Phanessa Fong, Heidi Gustad and so many, many more!

Lingerie Love

Eucalan who we follow

The Lingerie Journal is always the first place we go for the latest news in lingerie From the hottest looks, to behind the scenes interviews, The Lingerie Journal is great reading! You can also have articles delivered right to your inbox.

We’d be remiss if we didn’t include our friend Cora Harrington of The Lingerie Addict. From her best-selling volume of lingerie history, In Intimate Detail, to her discussions of topics like sustainability and inclusion, we love reading what Cora is up to!

Wen of Comics Girls Need Bras is another top lingerie blogger that we love to follow. Wen models the latest looks and visits lingerie hot spots on her travels, giving us lots of retail spots to add to our shopping lists!

Of course, if you want to see what’s hot in the industry you can’t miss CURVE Expo, which runs industry trade shows around the world. Though we aren’t often able to attend the shows in person, we do love seeing what CURVE features, as well as reading recaps from all the wonderful sites and writers we mentioned above!

We hope we’ve given you some new trendsetters to follow. Who do you follow? We’d love to know!

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On the Go with Eucalan

Are you always on the go? Do you love to travel? Do you have an important day coming up – perhaps the big one? There’s nothing worse than being ready to shine your brightest, and then facing an unexpected spill or tear. But have no fear, Eucalan is here to help!

At Eucalan we’re committed to caring for your garments, whether they’re handmade items or treasured purchases. We know you want to keep them in great condition and smelling amazing for years to come – and there’s no better way than with our Delicate Wash, available in 5 great scents and a variety of sizes.

Beautiful, Bride In A Wedding Dress Lying At The Grass. Wedding

One of our customers used our Delicate Wash to clean grass and dirt stains from her wedding dress after the big day!


But did you know about our Getaway Gangs? Eucalan’s Getaway Gang is an essential for garment care. A cute clear re-usable zip bag is packed with items to keep your garments in great shape while away from home. Just toss it into your purse for everyday messes, add it to luggage while you’re packing for your dream trip away, or keep it on hand for the big day!


Each Getaway Gang includes Eucalan’s essentials for emergency stains: our stain treating towlettes. These saturated towelettes, individually packaged for your “On The Go” emergencies can be used by simply blotting or rubbing the wipe on the affected spot as soon as possible for stain treating and garment freshening.


Loose threads or lost buttons? We’ve included a handy sewing kit with thread and needle, safety pins, and buttons. Add any other notions you can’t live without and you’ve got simple mending under control, no matter where the day takes you.

Got a larger mess on your hands? The Getaway Gang includes single use pods of our five great scents (2 each for 10 pods in all). Simply fill a sink or basin with room temperature water, add the contents of a single use pod, add your garment and swish gently to combine. Let soak for 10-15 minutes, and remove your now clean garment. Roll in a clean towel to remove excess moisture and hang or lay flat to dry, away from direct light. You’ll be good as new by morning!


We’ve rounded out the Getaway Gang with a nail file for emergencies, making this little pack a must-have for all your on the go needs!

Finally, we’ve brainstormed a few more items you might want to slip into the zip bag: your favourite analgesic or painkillers, a few bandages for scrapes and cuts, emergency feminine products, bobby pins, extra safety pins, and lip balm.

What is in your emergency kit?

We hope we’ve given you some ideas on how to keep that beautiful event you’re planning clean and smelling amazing!

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Euc On the Go



Valentine’s Day Knit & Crochet Pattern Inspiration

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and love is in the air. Today we’ve rounded up our favourite knit and crochet patterns full of love. Many of these are small projects you could easily craft in time for this year, if you start now!


Nothing says love more than Louis the Lovebot by Rebecca Danger – your kids or sweetheart are sure to love him! If you’d like to craft something small, try Palpitation by Hunter Hammersen; we bet you can’t just knit one. If it’s keeping your loved one(s) warm you’re after, try My Rainbow Heart by Stephanie Lotven or the Valentine’s Day Hat by Elzbieta Torenc! Remind your sweetheart of your love every morning with the Valentine Mug Cozy XO by Megan Locatis or leave them a little love note with the Valentine Love Note Hats by Cassandra May. Keep their feet warm and cozy with the Let me Be Your Valentine by Schibot Garne. If you’ve got more time on your hands and want to create something full of love to last longer than February, then try Love Note by Tin Can Knits or the impressive Heart Blanket by Bonnie Franz!



If you’re a crocheter, we’ve got you covered! Whip up a few delightful bunnies with Valentin by Anisbee Anisbee. Or wrap sweets for your sweetheart in an adorable Valentine’s Day Gift Bag by Little Doolally. If you want your loved one to have sweet dreams check out the Conversation Heart Pillow by Sisterly Studios or the Valentine’s Pom Pom Heart Pillow by MJ’s Off the Hook Designs. Bring a smile to their face with the Valentine’s Day Mug Cozy by Rebecca Langford or keep them feeling warm and loved with the Easy Heart Hat by Edie Eckman!


No matter how you choose to celebrate this Valentine’s Day we hope it’s full of love and craft!

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7 Snow Day Activities

January and February tend to be cold and long as we fight through the worst of winter. Snow days mean everyone’s at home and potentially housebound, so we’ve come up with a slew of activities to keep everyone occupied!

1. Make Snow Ice Cream

You can turn some of that snow into snow ice cream! Check out this simple recipe with just 3 ingredients (condensed milk, vanilla and snow) and whip up a sweet treat for everyone!


2. Get inspired by a book.

If you have time to prepare before the snowstorm hits, head to the library or the book store to stock up on some new reads! Build a fire in the fireplace, grab a cozy blanket and settle in to spend the day absorbed in a great book.


3. Head outdoors!

If everyone is going stir crazy indoors, head outside to enjoy the snow! Bundle up and go for a long snowy walk, have a snowball fight, make snow angels, build a snowman, or go sledding! You can always head indoors when you get chilly and enjoy some of the other activities we suggest!

Two Adorable Little Girls Having Fun Together In Beautiful Winte

4. Make your own snowflakes.

When flakes are falling outdoors you can make your own snowflakes indoors. Level up your crafting by using coffee filters, scissors and markers. Add a bit of water to create watercolor effects and hang your masterpieces where they’ll get the most light!


5. Bake a cake in a mug

Make single serving mug cakes in the microwave. And if everyone has a different favourite flavour, so much the better. Try this Snickerdoodle cake recipe, or stick to classic chocolate or vanilla, get fancy with bananas and brown sugar, think of warmer days with coconut, …the options are endless!

6. Host a Living Room Campout

Think of this as a big slumber party in the living room! Pitch a tent, or build blanket forts by draping blankets over furniture. Add sleeping bags and lots of pillows for soft, comfy places to hang out. Bring flashlights, books and board games. Light a fire in the fireplace and roast marshmallows or make indoor s’mores. Here are 5 tips to indoor camping success!


7. Spa Day

If you’re on your own, or have littles who love pampering, set up for a spa day! Give each other manis and pedis, light a candle, relax in a warm bath (add a bath bomb for fun) and just pamper yourself. If you’re looking for more ideas here, check out thisgreat article from our archives, Spoil Yourself January: Top Tips for Self Care.


We hope we’ve given you some ideas on how to prevent full-scale mutiny on snow days. If you’re looking for more great ideas check out our Pinterest board full of inspiration for more Snow Day Activities!

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Seasonal Stains & Spot Cleaning

The holidays are here and with them, the rush of holiday cleaning and festive parties! Whether you’re whipping the house into shape before entertaining, or restoring order after a whirlwind of guests and feasts, we’re reprising and updating our post on seasonal stains and spot cleaning.

Read on, and you’ll be prepared for anything the season brings!

Red Wine

How to Remove Common Party Stains | Eucalan.com

The holidays are the perfect time to enjoy wine and spirits, but those spills, particularly the red wine ones, can be daunting. Our best advice is as follows:

Sprinkle salt liberally over the red wine mark , as much as needed to absorb the wine. When as much is absorbed as possible, vacuum up the salt and pour club soda over it to help dilute the remaining wine. Then apply full strength Eucalan to any remaining marks, and let sit for 15 minutes. Wash item as normal.

Candle Wax

How to Remove Common Party Stains | Eucalan.com

Candlelight is the perfect way to set the mood for the magic of the season. But cleaning the leftover wax off of your heirloom tablecloth is a tricky one. Let the wax dry completely before trying to clean it. Apply an ice pack to make sure that the wax is completely solid before beginning to remove it. Remove as much wax as possible by scraping it with a butter knife. Get two paper bags, and place one underneath the fabric and another on top of it- you will be using a clothes iron to remove the rest of the wax. Gently iron the area with the wax on it repeatedly, moving the paper bags around so that any wax that transfers from the fabric to the paper bags isn’t being reapplied to the fabric again.


How to Remove Common Party Stains | Eucalan.com

It isn’t the holiday season without delicious sweet treats, but getting chocolate stains on your party clothes dampens the festive mood. Follow these steps to rescue your favourite duds: If possible, flush the fabric from the wrong side with warm water to help prevent the chocolate from being driven further into the fibres. When as much chocolate has been rinsed off as possible, saturate the remaining mark with full strength Eucalan, and let sit for 30 minutes. Gently scrub at the stain after 30 minutes, and repeat if necessary. Launder as usual once the mark is removed.


In addition to our advice above, check out our Ultimate Stain Guide this holiday season! Just sign up for our newsletter and we’ll send you this handy PDF with advice for treating stains year-round for free. Hang it up on your laundry room or keep it as a reference for when those stains strike!

Happy holidays!

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Copy of Lingerie Gifts

Selecting Gifts for a Lingerie Lover

Christmas is almost here and tis the season for gift giving. Are you still looking for the perfect gift for the lingerie addict in your life? It can be really hard to shop for the perfect piece of lingerie for someone other than yourself. At the CURVE shows this year, the idea of lingerie-adjacent items was one of the hot new trends. So, to help you choose the right gift this season, we’ve pulled together some of our favourite gift ideas for anyone who loves lingerie!

The Power of Scent

Lingerie is sensual, sexy and luxurious. But you can add to the lingerie experience with exotic, sexy scents. Looking to set the mood? Try scented candles. Go sweet and spicy with cinnamon or ginger, delicate with floral, warm with vanilla or masculine with musk. Check out these sexy scented candles recommended by Maxim magazine for more ideas!

Spa Treatment Set With Scented Oil, Candles, Rose Petals And Flo
If you’re looking to help your lingerie lover unwind, why not try pillow sprays? From sprays that relax you and ease your tension, to sprays that help you sleep better, aromatherapy is where it’s at. Health magazine recommends the best pillow sprays to help you fall asleep faster and sleep better!

Perfume In Spray Bottles, Dark Black Background With Tropical Le
Finally, we’d be remiss if we didn’t recommend our own Wrapture Balm as a stocking stuffer. Based on the seductive scent of Jasmine, our Wrapture Balm is an eco-friendly balm made from essential oils and is perfect for rough skin, cuticles, dry hair and of course as a perfume. It’s a portable, compact handbag essential that won’t leak, making it great for travel. Wrapture’s emollient rich formula feels silky and absorbs quickly leaving behind the beautifully intoxicating scent of jasmine which is a natural aphrodisiac!

Silky & Sexy

It can be hard to determine the right style and fit of lingerie for someone other than yourself. Or maybe you’re looking for a gift for someone whom you know loves lingerie, but you’re not quite on intimate terms. Consider splurging on sumptuous items that complement their lingerie collection but they wouldn’t necessarily spoil themselves with. Try gorgeous silky pajamas or a satiny sleek bathrobe. The Lingerie Journal has highlighted British designed and New York made SoffiaB luxury robes and dressing gowns and with so many options to choose from, you’re sure to find something for everyone! We also loved this post from our friend Cora Harrington at The Lingerie Addict from earlier this year: 8 Robes to Wear While Watching Netflix.


Image Credit: SoffiaB Pink Parfait Luxury Robe

Practical in Purpose

While lingerie can be sexy, it can also be practical in purpose. Shop for underwear and bras from Knixteen to start your teenager on the path to a love of undergarments. The Miracle undies and sleep shorts are perfect for teens while they’re on their period; they protect from leaks, odor and moisture and help keep them feeling fresh.

Screen Shot 2019-12-02 at 12.46.43 PM

Image Credit: KNIXTEEN “Oh No!” Proof Bikini

For the Collector

If you’re looking for a gift for the consummate lingerie collector, we can’t think of a better gift than Cora Harrington’s comprehensive book In Intimate Detail. This gorgeous compendium of lingerie is the perfect book to page through and savour and was a critical success last winter!


We hope we’ve given you a few ideas for those last minute shopping trips for your lingerie addict. We wish you a lovely holiday season!

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Lingerie Gifts

Last Minute Handmade Gifts – Knit & Crochet Pattern Inspiration

Christmas is just over a month away and we’re betting you haven’t finished your shopping list! If you’re looking for some last minute crafting inspiration, we’ve pulled together some of our favourite knit and crochet patterns to create gorgeous handmade gifts from the heart. From hats to cowls to fun seasonal patterns, there’s sure to be something for every crafter (and don’t forget to block all those beautiful projects in Eucalan Delicate Wash before you gift them)!



Designer Amy Miller has released several new hat patterns, but It’s Electric is, well… electric! Grab a beautiful skein of yarn and a fluffy pom pom and you’ll have a gift in just a few hours. If it’s cables your heart loves, try the Kalaloch Cable Beanie by Alexander Hawker. Have lots of leftovers in the stash? Check out the wonderfully stripey Party of Five Hat by Jill Zielinski and get stash-busting! Looking for a super quick knit? DK weight yarn is held doubled in the Ale 2.0 Hat by Jodi Brown. If you’re a crocheter, grab some super bulky yarn and whip up an Autumn Slouch Beanie & Cowl by Phanessa Fong or a Braided Cabled Slouchy Beanie by Stephanie Jessica Lau!



Cowls are also great quick knits and last minute gifts! Grab two contrasting skeins of yarn and whip up a Soundtrack Cowl by Elizabeth Smith. Or, if you have a bit more time and a few luscious skeins of yarn, knit the double-layered The Snuggle is Real by Maxim Cyr. Use up those gorgeous bulky yarns for the Sunrise Cowl by Woolly Bear Knits and you’ll be surprised how quickly you’re done! Or pull out that special skein of DK you’ve been saving and knit up a beautiful Every Bit Cowl by Stephanie Lotven. In the mood for a quick crochet project? Check out the lacy Mimic Cowl by Polly Plum. Or grab a bunch of bulky skeins and let your hooks fly with the Crochet Icicle Cowl by Sarah Korth!

Fun Seasonal Patterns


Are you looking to craft something fun for the season? We love Needled by Hunter Hammersen – don’t you need a whole flock of trees? Add some fun and whimsy to your holiday with Gnome Pun Intended by Sarah Schira (or her countless other gnome patterns)! We love Susan B. Anderson’s collections and her Holiday Charm Set is no exception. Or make sure all your elves have new socks with Jingle All the Way by Jolijn Copier Designs! If you’re looking for ornaments, we love the Snow Globe Ornaments by Sarah Zimmerman. Or check out the adorable Holiday Deer by Spin a Yarn Crochet!

Stocking Stuffers


If you’re looking for a last minute gift that will be an unexpected treat we’ve found these fun ideas for you! Warm up someone’s morning brew with this cute Fox Cup Cozy by Alexandra Davidoff. Add a handmade touch to any room with Yoke O’Clock by Stephanie Earp (she has clock making kits available so all you have to do is knit!). Keep your loved ones warm on chilly days with a water bottle and handmade Hot Water Bottle Cover by Emily Bolduan. Or spoil someone special with some handmade soap and the Silver Mist Bath Set by Romi Hill. Keep everyone’s ears warm with the Double Threat Ear Warmer by Crazy4CrochetMama or make their home cozier with these gorgeous Citrus Coasters by Dona Knits.

We hope we’ve given you a few crafty ideas for some last minute gift -giving! And, if you’re looking for an extra stocking stuffer, add a small bottle of Eucalan to your gift so the recipient will be able to keep their new gift looking great and smelling amazing!

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Last Minute Gifts


7 More Autumn Activities You’ll Enjoy

Last year we picked our favourite 7 Activities to Celebrate Autumn, but really the possibilities are endless! Today we add 7 more activities to the list of things we love to do when the leaves change and the temperatures dip.

1. Host a fall movie night! Pour some cider or hot chocolate, pop some popcorn and sit down and watch a fall movie. We love the movies on this list, but you’re free to pick whatever movie screams “fall” to you.

Family Mother Father And Children Watching Projector, Tv, Movies

2. Enjoy all things apple! These days, everything is about pumpkin spice, but fall is the season for apples. Go apple picking, make hot apple cider in the crock pot, dip caramel apples, bake your favourite apple recipe, make apple butter in the crock pot, or enjoy apples any way you like them.

Fresh Organic Apples Are In Wooden Crate On Harvest Day.

3. Shop for seasonal produce and flowers! The autumn harvest produces so many yummy things: brussels sprouts, figs, pears, pomegranates, fall squash. Hit up your local farmers’ markets to enjoy the bounty of the season. Pick up sunflowers, mums or dahlias to add pops of colour to your home and surround yourself with beautiful autumn blossoms. And if you’re looking for some inspiration, we always love Stone Gable for her lovely fall vignettes.

4. Knit! (or Crochet)! Craft yourself something lovely and cozy to wrap yourself up in this season. Whether it’s a sweater, warm woollies or a throw to snuggle into, knit or crochet yourself beautiful projects to keep you warm all fall long. If you need some inspiration, check out our post on Fall Crafting Inspiration.

Stack of cozy knitted sweaters, thick yarn and wooden needles on
5. Enjoy the leaves! All around us the trees are aglow in fiery reds, oranges and golds. Take a drive to go leaf peeping, rake leaves on your lawn and let the kids jump in, take a long walk in the woods with the leaves crunching underfoot, or press leaves and save them for decorations or future crafts!

Happy Canada Day Red Silk Leaves In Shape Of Canadian Flag.
6. Stock up on candles. As we change the clocks back and the days get shorter, add candlelight to your home to make it warm and cozy. Select autumn scents like pumpkin, apple, cranberry, fir trees or any aroma that you enjoy this season.

hygge and cozy home concept - oatmeal cookies, lemon tea and can

7. Take a weekend getaway! Go wherever the leaves are changing colours or head to the great outdoors for hiking, paddling or camping. Enjoy the cooler weather and get away before the hustle and bustle of the holidays. If you need some inspiration, we love these lists of autumn destinations in the US and Canada.

Wooden Dock On Autumn Lake

We hope we’ve given you some more fun ideas to enjoy your autumn!

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7 more Autumn Activities

Quilting with Eucalan

For many, quilting is a year-round craft, but the cooler temperatures of autumn and the upcoming International Quilt Market have us thinking about wrapping up in cozy handmade quilts this season! Today we’ll share some of our favourite tips for quilting with Eucalan!

Preparation Of Pentagon Pieces Of Fabric For Sewing Patchwork Bl

Washing Fabric Before you Begin

Before you begin the actual cutting and sewing, you’ll need to pre-wash any fabric that you intend to use in your quilt.

First, check for colour fastness on whatever you plan to clean. How to tell if something is colourfast? Moisten a clean white cloth (100% cotton or other natural fibre). Press firmly on coloured area in an inconspicuous place. If colour is not “fast” it will transfer to cloth, so wash at your own risk or have dry cleaned. Also, use caution and be sure to wash fabric separately from lighter colours to prevent any colour transfer. Be gentle to your fabric – don’t rub too vigorously. Dark colours most prone to bleed into lighter colours are black, navy, dark green, burgundy and red. We’ve got a great video tutorial on how to do this!

Once you have checked for colour fastness, you’re ready to move on to quilting!

During Quilting

Anyone who has ever quilted knows that half of your making time is spent ironing between sewing steps! Eucalan can help here too. Mix your favourite scent of Eucalan and water in a small spray bottle (1 part Eucalan to 12 parts water). Shake to ensure the soap is incorporated into the water. Use a light misting when ironing your fabric and pay special attention to how your seams are laying.

Patchwork on the sewing machine quilted stages


Once your quilt is finished, it’s time to give it a good wash before using. If you have a washing machine big enough to handle a quilt, the good news is that you can use Eucalan in the washer!

If you have a top loading machine, set your washing machine to the delicate cycle and fill the drum with cool water. Add approximately 2 tablespoons of Eucalan for a large quilt. Then submerge the item in the drum and run through the gentle or handwash cycle.

If you have a front loading machine, place your item in the drum. Set the machine to the delicate cycle and cool water. Add 2 tablespoons of Eucalan to the detergent compartment and run the cycle.


To dry your quilt, you have two options. First, you can hang it to dry – just make sure it’s away from direct sunlight which can cause whites to yellow or colours to fade. Your second option is to machine dry, provided your materials will stand up to tumble drying. Set the dryer to low or cool air and dry the quilt gently; it’s important to avoid high heat so that your items don’t shrink.

Keeping Your Quilt Clean

Any time you think your quilt needs some freshening up, you can follow the washing instructions above. If you find any problem areas, you can also spot clean with full-strength Eucalan. If you’re looking for more information about how to treat specific stains, sign up for our newsletter and get a free pdf download of our handy Guide to Stain Removal.

If you’re looking for some tips and tutorials on how to get started or some pattern inspiration, we’ve got a Pinterest board full of quilting ideas!

Eucalan Quilting INspiration
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