Winner + Teddy Bear Care with Eucalan

Thanks to everyone who entered our blog giveaway this month.  We're thrilled to know so many folks are interested in exploring Eucalan's many uses for baby care and beyond!  Here are our lucky winners:

Please e-mail with your shipping information so we can get your prizes out as soon as possible! Stay tuned for more giveaways next month; we'll keep you up-to-date on Facebook, Ravelry and Twitter!

Here are some of our favourite baby care tips from our fans:

"My favorite baby tip is to take baby socks (before you clean them) and pin them together using a safety pin. That way you don't lose a sock." -Liz

"Best baby tip…just go with the flow and expect the unexpected. Plus keep wipes and diapers in your purse, car, and every level of your home, because new baby explosions don't wait for anything!" -Angie S.

"My favorite baby tip is do something nice for yourself while your baby is napping. Don't spend that precious time folding laundry cause laundry can wait. Take care of yourself instead and read, nap, watch a show." -Estella

"I've used Eucalan to spot clean my kids' wool rug. Love it for all their knits and soakers too – will try it next time we need a stuffed animal cleaned." -Rammy

"For the older baby or young toddler, I suggest a pack of Post It notes for desperation airplane or road trip entertainment. Easy to clean up. Love the scent of Eucalan. Thanks for the giveaway!" -DKW

"I use Eucalan on my baby items so they are not faded from normal detergents." -Victoria B.

"My favourite baby care tip is to give babywearing a good try – for many people (not everyone!) it's a great way to keep baby close and pick up on hungry cues before the baby cries! 🙂 I've been using Eucalan for several years now on our woolies. Love the stuff!" -Juliette

We'd like to share yet another use for Eucalan when caring for your little one: washing a teddy bear! Invariably, your child's favorite friends will need a bath – and Eucalan is the perfect way to gently clean and care for stuffed animals of every persuasion! Click here to view more helpful tutorials on the Eucalan YouTube Channel.  


April showers bring baby showers…and a giveaway!

Springtime means new beginnings – and whether that's in the form of spring cleaning, a wedding, or baby showers, we've got you covered. This month, we'll be sharing our favourite uses for Eucalan when it comes to caring for little ones – and giving away fantastic Eucalan prizes so you can see for yourself just how versatile our no-rinse wash can be!

Eucalan is a wonderfully mild soap, gentle enough to be used to care for all your babies favourite things – we recommend Lavender for its relaxing aroma as well as its natural antiseptic properties. Read on for time-saving tips as well as your chance to WIN one of two prizes so you can see for yourself!


  • Caring for Wool Soakers – Parents who choose earth-friendly cloth diapers will love Eucalan to use between lanolizing wool diaper covers. Not only does Eucalan wash and sanitize soiled covers, it helps prolong the lanolizing, keeping wool covers soft for baby! Click here for full instructions.
  • Washing Stuffed Animals Eucalan brightens and cleans favourite stuffed animals. A little elbow grease has to be used for particularly soiled stuffies, but its worth the effort when your little one cuddles up with their best friend again. Click here for detailed instructions.
  • Cleaning Blankies and other items – Keep blankies and other items that are in close contact with baby clean and sanitary with our naturally antiseptic Lavender wash. Click here for instructions.
  • Washing Nursing Bras – Nursing bras should be washed between every use to keep them clean and help them maintain their shape. Washing does not deteriorate bras; body oils, lotions and potions, milk from unexpected "let down" and simply wearing your bra contributes to fibre wear and tear. Washing keeps fibres clean and helps elastic maintain its original tension – click here for step-by-step instructions.
  • Getaway GangDiaper Bag Essentials – Our stain-treating towelettes are an essential item for every diaper bag. It never fails, when you're dressed up and away from home, your baby will either spit up on your clothes or his/her own outfit. A Eucalan wipe kept handy in your diaper bag will save the situation! Click here for detailed instructions.

You don't have to take our word for it, though – we're offering two great prizes to our blog readers this month:

  • 1 Eucalan Gift Pack (pictured below), containing four 3 oz. bottles of Eucalan in each of our three scents plus one unscented – great for travel or stashing at grandparents' house!
  • 1 Getaway Gang (pictured above right), containing everything you need for on-the-go care: Contains 2 each of the individual use singles (eucalyptus,lavender,grapefruit,unscented), 4 wipes, 1 pack lint removers, 1 nail file and 1 sewing kit in a re-usable vinyl zipper bag. Fits perfectly into your diaper bag for busy parents on the move!

To enter, leave a comment sharing your favourite baby care tip OR why you'd like to give Eucalan a try! To double your chances of winning, you can also follow our blog by clicking the "follow" button on the right sidebar. We'll randomly choose two lucky winners on Friday, April 27. Be sure to follow us on Twitter or become a fan on Facebook for more chances to win great prizes this month. Good luck!


Welcome Knit Traders!

One of our retailers here in Ontario has some exciting news!  For those of you who aren't local, there are two Wool-Tymes stores:  Wool-Tymes Kingston and Wool-Tymes Nepean, both of which are in the Ottawa Ontario Region.  For many years, the sister stores have coexisted, but as the Kingston shop's internet presence grew these last few years, it's become confusing to have two shops with the same name (you can read more here on the Wool-Tymes blog). We'd like to give a warm welcome to the Knit Traders of Kingston - same great shop, now with a new name! Be sure to stop in to say hello if you're in the area (and don't forget the Eucalan while you're there!).