How to Keep Your New Clothes Looking Great All Season

Even if you aren’t much of a shopper, there is something indescribably wonderful about purchasing new clothes for fall. The seasons are changing, all your summer clothes are looking tired, and the rich fall colours are calling your name. For many of us, the clothes we buy in fall serve us all through the winter as well- which means that they are some of our hardest working wardrobe pieces. Whether you want to protect the longevity of your favourite sweaters, or just aren’t a fan of shopping and want to minimize how much of it you need to do, we have great tips on how to care for your new fall clothes so that they keep looking great all through the season.

Clothing Care

  • Rotate your clothes. It might seem minimalist to only own one grey t-shirt or only two bras, but constant wear (and the subsequent washing) will cause fabrics to deteriorate faster. Make sure you have enough of any key pieces so that you can rotate them regularly.
  • Buy better quality clothing. Cheap tops are going to stretch out and look terrible after one wash, so why bother? It’s worth buying fewer items of higher quality that you can enjoy over and over.
  • Store between seasons. Storing clean items between seasons by using big ziploc bags to protect your sweaters and woolens from moths or pets.
  • Room to breathe. Don’t cram so many items into your closet that they are getting fold and crease marks because they are too squished together.

Laundry Tips

Take a quick look at the lint trap in your dryer – it’s plain to see that washing your clothes contributes substantially to the wear and tear of the fibers.  To reduce the damage washing does to your new clothes try:

  • Treat stains right away. Put some full-strength Eucalan or use a stain treating towelette on any spots before putting them in the laundry hamper. This will make it much easier to get the stains out of items when they are washed.
  • Using the gentle cycle as much as possible. The less aggressive the agitation in the washing, the less fibre damage. It’s that simple.
  • Only wash when items smell or look dirty. You know how long you were wearing it, and if all you did was sit still in an air conditioned office, that blouse might be fine to wear again without a wash.
  • Use a gentle but effective fabric wash. Harsh chemicals will speed up fabric deterioration. We recommend using Eucalan for all your washing needs, but we are a bit biased!
  • Turning clothes inside out to minimize signs of wear due to washing. It really does. Especially good for dark items.
  • Using mesh laundry bags for delicates. Ever try to pull something out of the washing machine and a sleeve or shoulder strap has fully pretzled around another item or two? It’s always scary when that happens, because you know that has totally caused some damage.
  • Wash in cold water. Hot and warm temperatures can cause more damage to clothes, and increase risk of shrinking. Plus, cold water is better for your electric bill!
  • Air dry your clothes away from bright light.  The dryer causes a lot of stress on fabrics, and causes many fibers to shrink. Air drying is better for your clothes, and your electric bill.

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Jen’s Top 10 Tips for Getting Organized and Back to School

Ah, September! The unmistakable feeling of a fresh start seems to be everywhere, even if you aren’t a student. I love this time of year, and thought I’d share my top 10 tips for getting organized – perfect for back-to-school, or just getting a fresh start this fall.

Homework Station Ideas, for More Than Just Homework

This is a brilliant round up of all sorts of homework station ideas, which can apply to more than just homework – think about how handy it would be set up something similar for incoming mail, paperwork you need to handle, or even just how to keep track of your family’s busy lives! Find them all here:


Colour-Coding Your Planner for Maximum Effectiveness

When juggling a lot of priorities (and possibly appointments and activities for multiple family members) colour-coding your planner can be a lifesaver. Here is a great way to get organized by colour-coding your planner:

Free Printable Calendars

Not into planners? No worries, there are lots of free printables out there to help you get organized, like this pretty one from Sparkles and Sunshine:

Portable Hot Lunch ideas

Whether you are a student or working in an office, everyone gets bored of cold lunches and sandwiches. Here is a great round up of easy and delicious hot lunch ideas that are sure to hit the spot:

Daily Folders

If you find that your life involves a lot of free floating paperwork, then this folder idea is going to change everything:

Organize Your Email

Email is one of those things that gets away from us so easily, and then when we need to find an important message, we end up sifting through thousands of emails. This is a great post on organizing your email with digital folders – so much better!

Increase Productivity with Priority Setting

When juggling a lot on your plate, it can be hard to set priorities in a way that helps you get more done and doesn’t feel overwhelming. This system (you’ll have to scroll down a bit, but it’s there!) is perfect for sorting out a massive to-do list:

Find a Time Management System that Works for You

There are lots of things that can crop up that can leave you feeling like you haven’t made any progress on your tasks. Here’s some great ideas for time management that you can use to help stay focused:

Staying Motivated On Multi-Step Tasks

Sometimes it can be hard to stay the course on a big project. Here are some tips on staying motivated, which you can also use to help motivate others that might need a little nudge on big projects for school or work:

Remember: Balance Prevents Burnout

It’s easy to get so focused on getting things done and prioritizing work and/or school, but it’s important to have balance.

And if you love Pinterest as much as I do, here is a Pinterest board to follow that is full of great back to school organization ideas and crafts!

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