How to Have the Easiest Picnic Ever

Summer weather often conjurs up images of picnics on weekends, but it often seems like a lot of work to plan, pack, and do. Never fear! We’ve put together some easy-peasy tips for a no-fuss, relaxing guide to your best picnic ever.

Picnic Prep

  • Plan your location. A nearby park is always great, but maybe there is a new park you would like to try, a little further away? Whatever your choice, try to check in advance to make sure there are plenty of trees for shade.
  • Keep the food simple – sandwiches, salads, fruit and other types of food that you would enjoy cold are ideal.¬† Or bring the fixings for a great cheese board – assorted cheese, great bread and crackers, and some fruit.
  • Try not to bring too many disposable things- melamine plates are a great lightweight choices for picnics that are reusable, and just bring your normal cutlery from home. Don’t forget napkins!
  • Bugs are no fun at a picnic- wash your picnic blanket in advance with Eucalan in the Eucalyptus¬† scent to help rerepel bugs naturally.

  • Check the weather report – weather can change quickly, and even though it looked clear when you checked yesterday, the forecast might be different on the day.

What to Bring

  • If you have a little wagon, it is a great way to easily transport all your picnic goodies to a great spot deep in a park, where it might be a little quieter and more relaxed.
  • While those beautiful (and expensive!) wicker picnic baskets are adorable, you don’t need them to have a great picnic. Packing your supplies in tote bags or in the wagon will work just fine.
  • Two plastic bags – one for garbage, to be disposed in the nearest bin, and the the second for keeping the dirty dishes all together until you can get them home for a wash.
  • It’s worth mentioning again – napkins! Good quality paper napkins or cotton napkins are perfect for wiping greasy hands or even giving the plates and cutlery a quick wipe before stashing in the plastic bag.

Keeping the Fun Going

Messes happen – a bit of ketchup here, some mayonnaise there. Stop potential stains in their tracks by bringing along some of the Eucalan Stain Treating Towelettes to make clean ups a breeze. Because sticky hands happen:

Don’t forget – picnics are really about enjoying being outside, not about transforming the outside into the indoors. Leave the music at a home, but bring a frisbee, ball, or other game that would be fun in a park. It’s a great way to make the most of that glorious sunshine, and the too-short summer!

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