How to Wash a Wool Blanket

Did you know that wool can last  more than 20 years, provided it is well cared-for? The classic wool blanket is a winter staple for any home, but at this point in the year, yours probably needs a little TLC.  There’s no need for an expensive trip to the dry cleaners: you can wash your blanket safely and easily by using Eucalan in the washing machine! Today, we’ll show you how to wash an organic wool blanket from Shepherd’s Lamb, a working family ranch located in New Mexico whose flock provides the fleece for their heirloom-quality woven blankets.

Lanolin is a naturally-occurring waxy substance which coats a sheep’s fleece, which is often removed when processing the fibres. The lanolin in our no-rinse formula naturally conditions wool fibres to keep them supple while also reducing static.  We recommend our Eucalyptus or Lavender scents, which are both scented with essential oils that are naturally antiseptic and moth-repellent.

Before washing your blanket, it’s important to remove soils and stains as soon as possible, either by pre-treating with a Stain Treating Towelette or spot treating with full-strength Eucalan  where needed.

Then, follow the instructions below for the type of washing machine you have:

Top Loading Machine:

  • Set your washing machine to delicates.
  • Fill drum with cool water.
  • Add 4 Tbsp Eucalan for a large blanket.
  • Submerse blanket and run through gentle/handwash cycle (tip: try adding a few towels to balance out the load!).
  • Hang blanket to dry thoroughly.

Front Loading Machine:

  • Place blanket in drum.
  • Set to delicate cycle with cool water.
  • Add 4 Tbsp Eucalan to detergent compartment in drawer.
  • Run cycle.
  • Hang blanket to dry thoroughly.

We recommend washing your blankets a few times throughout the winter, and also before packing them away for the season. Do not pack away a damp blanket – make sure it is fully dry before storing, and be sure to use air-tight containers to keep out unwanted pests, and when you unpack them from storage, always examine your blankets for small holes which can be a sign of moths (click here for tips on dealing with these unwanted pests).

With proper care, you’ll enjoy the warmth and durability of your wool blanket for years to come!

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Valentine’s Recipe Ideas – Round Up!

There are so many fun ways to inject a bit of love into food around this time of year, even if you aren’t really big on Valentine’s Day. There’s something a little magical about expressing love to our family and friends – and seeing happy little hearts is always cheery! Here are my top picks for fun Valentine’s themed recipe ideas:

Heart Shaped Pop Tarts

Does someone you care about love pop tarts? Why not make them these amazing heart shaped ones at home- they taste so much better than the boxed variety, and they are so pretty! The recipe can be found right here.

Rainbow Heart Mini Oreos

If you aren’t much for baking, this is a much easier idea – piping little hearts onto mini Oreos! This is super easy, done with candy melts in the colours of your choice. or you could use royal icing if you prefer! The best part? The hearts don’t have to be perfect. Details and how to are on the original post, here.

Valetine’s Day Icing Palette

If you are doing some icing decorating on your Valetine’s treats, why not consider a colour palette that is fresh and has a bit of a twist on the typical colours? There are great ideas from a real icing master right here, be sure to check it out.

Bacon Hearts

Not everyone has a sweet tooth- but a lot of people love bacon! If you have some bacon lovers in your life, how about making them some heart shaped bacon? It’s easier than you think – and if you don’t have a non stick oven sheet, put down some parchment paper instead, so the hearts don’t stick to the pan. Full details and how-to can be found here.

Bouquet of Bacon Roses

And if you thought bacon hearts were a good idea but you really wanted a showstopper for your special someone, how about bacon roses?  Talk about an unforgettable Valentine’s Day gift for the bacon lover in your life! Full step by step is here.

Sweet & Salty Valentine’s Fudge

With only 5 ingredients, this comes together so easily, and is perfect for anyone who doesn’t want to pick between something sweet and something salty. Find the recipe here.

Mini Raspberry Cheesecakes

If you are making a special dinner at home, this would be a perfect dessert – individual raspberry cheesecakes, in little mason jars (or ramekins!). What’s even better is this recipe only makes 4 servings, so it’s perfect for a small group – or for seconds the next day! Recipe is here.

Drunken Strawberries

These drunken strawberries are so delicious, and definitely the naughtiest of the recipe ideas! Soaked in rosé, frozen, and rolled in sugar, these are a wonderful treat but oh-so-easy to make. Full post can be found here.

Valentine’s Day English Muffin Breakfast

A final savoury idea- cooking eggs in a heart shape! One heart shaped cookie cutter is all you need to either make the whole egg heart shaped, or just the yoke- put the cookie cutter around the yoke, then break the yoke with a fork for it to fill the shape. Find the how-to right here.

Which treat are you most likely to make? Something sweet or savoury? Do you have any go-to Valentine’s themed recipes to share?

We have a Pinterest board full of great recipes and other Valentine’s ideas – check it out here!


Galentine’s Gatherings: How to Celebrate Valentine’s Day with Your Friends

Galentine’s is the fun, modern way to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your female friends and take the focus off romantic relationships. Celebrating Galentine’s is a brilliant way to  honour your friendships and make the season a lot more fun and relaxing. This is especially true if you are single, but even if you are coupled up you just might find that your Galentine’s gatherings are far more fun than any romantic night out! Scroll down for our top ideas on celebrating your friendships with a Galentine’s night in.

Galentine’s Tea Party

On the weekend closest to Valentine’s Day, host a Galentine’s tea party! Focus on lots of pink and red foods, like strawberries and jams, and use the prettiest plates and glasses you can find- suggest your friends all bring whatever special occasion serving dishes they have that fit the theme, and celebrate in high style! See more details here.

Spa Night

Have everyone bring some ingredients for a few DIY spa recipes, different shades of nail polish, and host a pampering night in! You can even have everyone contribute a beauty product or skin care item to swap, too. Focusing on healthy drinks and snacks keep the self-care theme strong. There are lots of great ideas to be found here.

‘Chick Flick’ Movie Night

Grab some popcorn, wine, and some cozy blankets for a lighthearted movie night! You can vote on your top picks prior to the event, or make a game time decision when everyone arrives and you look over the choices. See more ideas on a chick flick movie night (and some top film choices!) here.

Craft Night

Pick a project in advance (or choose a couple different ideas if your group has a range of crafting strengths) and have everyone bring a few materials for the projects, and whip up something amazing with your girlfriends. And don’t worry if it ends up bring a crafting fail – sometimes it’s even funnier when a crafting project doesn’t work out, and you can laugh about it together! See more details here.

Pancakes & Pyjama Party

Who says pyjamas and pancakes are only for weekends? Have a low key night in with your girlfriends by encouraging everyone to come in their pyjamas and then serve up lots of pancakes and fresh fruit (or you can do it on the weekend for a brunch, there are no rules!). Maybe combine it with the chick flick movie night? And if your group has the time, by all means turn it into a sleepover! Check out more of this idea here.

Chocolate Tasting Party

For the ultimate indulgence, host a chocolate tasting party! Have everyone bring different types of chocolate, and experiment with different pairings and find a new favourite. There’s a whole world of chocolate out there- why not find something new with your friends? Find more details on this idea here.

Looking for more fun girls night and Galentine’s ideas? We have a Pinterest board full of them right here! Be sure to follow.

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