Spring Clean Your Wardrobe

We know some parts of North America are still dealing with wintry weather, but now is the perfect time to think about spring cleaning your wardrobe to make sure you’re ready for summer…whenever it decides to arrive!

Women's clothing on a clothesline on wood background

First and foremost, we recommend washing all of your winter woolens in either Eucalyptus or Lavender Eucalan before you pack them away for the season. Both of these scents contain essential oils which are naturally moth-repellent; our formula also contains lanolin will soften and condition even the most delicate fibres. Cleaning your your garments before storing not only prevents discoloration, it will also help to keep moths and other pests away since they are often attracted by body odors on garments.

viennemilanoWhile many folks choose to forgo hosiery in the summer months, now is still a great time to check in on your stockings and knee-highs: be honest, when was the last time you washed them? We actually recommend cleaning hosiery in Eucalan after each use, so now is a great time to start this habit if you prefer to wear hosiery year-round. For those who have heavier-weight tights for winter or skip hosiery altogether when the temperature rises, we encourage you to give them a wash in either LavenderGrapefruit or Jasmine Eucalan, all of which are naturally antiseptic.

While we’re on the subject, slips and camisoles can also benefit from a hand wash session with Eucalan – again, these are delicate items which are probably not washed as frequently as the bras and other undergarments worn on a more frequent basis.

896cc-6a0120a6d87c1f970b0162ff3d62bf970d-piIf your workout routine went into hibernation over the winter months, now is the time to pull out your sports bras, yoga pants, and other high-tech workout gear. Hand washing these garments will keep them looking and performing like new, and since you already have some Eucalan lying around, there is no additional investment on your part!

Last but not least, those lightweight linens, silk and cottons can probably use some freshening up after sitting in the back of your closet (or in storage) for the season. Many of these items are probably marked dry clean only; luckily you can safely and effectively clean these items with Eucalan, which will save you a trip to the dry cleaner and leave money in your pocket!

For more spring cleaning ideas and tips using Eucalan, click here.

Happy Spring!

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