Craft Your Team Spirit!

The autumn season means the return of many beloved sports: football, soccer and one our favourites, hockey! Today we’ve pulled together some crafty ways you can celebrate your team spirit and keep warm and cozy as a spectator at events throughout the autumn and winter months.

Team Spirit Patterns

We were inspired to do this post by the Crackerjack Cowl (see below for links), a recipe for chronicling your favourite team’s season. Choose colors for home and away games, wins and losses and keep knitting throughout the season as you cheer the players on to victory! But we’ve found tons of other team spirit patterns. There’s a garter stitch scarf which you can make in any team colors, a fun colourwork hockey hat, a stripey crochet hat, and the adorable afghan showing all the sports balls!

A photo collage of two striped scarves, a blue hat worked in colourwork with white hockey players, a striped crochet hat, a blanket with all different kinds of balls (basketball, football, soccer ball, baseball)

Patterns to Personalize

If your attention wasn’t captured by our first set of patterns, we’ve found tons of gorgeous patterns that can be adapted simply by using your team colors! A two color striped hat, or a three color hat with linen stitch details keep both adults and little ones warm on chilly days. Some stripey mitts keep those hands warm while adding a bit of a retro feel. Or you can go more elegant with a drapey shawl (the largest size almost feels like a blanket!). For our crocheters there are two other blankets to keep you toasty warm while in the stands. Really the options are endless!

A collage of striped and slipped stitch hats, fingerless mitts, garter stitch shawl and crocheted blankets

Other Crafty Ideas

Don’t knit or crochet? No problem! With just a bit of fleece fabric you can create blankets or scarves – no sewing necessary. Or adorn hats, keychains or other items with these easy tassels made out of embroidery floss. And if you’re handy with a sewing machine, take all those team t-shirts you’ve been collecting over the years and turn them into a fabulous quilt – snuggle under it while watching your team score on tv or take it to the stadium with you.

A photo collage including a no sew, tied fleece blanket, embroidery floss tassels, and a t-shirt quilt.

We hope we’ve given you a few fun ideas to show your team spirit no matter which sport is your favourite!

Looking for more ideas? Check out our Team Spirit Pinterest board.

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