7 More Autumn Activities You’ll Enjoy

Last year we picked our favourite 7 Activities to Celebrate Autumn, but really the possibilities are endless! Today we add 7 more activities to the list of things we love to do when the leaves change and the temperatures dip.

1. Host a fall movie night! Pour some cider or hot chocolate, pop some popcorn and sit down and watch a fall movie. We love the movies on this list, but you’re free to pick whatever movie screams “fall” to you.

Family Mother Father And Children Watching Projector, Tv, Movies

2. Enjoy all things apple! These days, everything is about pumpkin spice, but fall is the season for apples. Go apple picking, make hot apple cider in the crock pot, dip caramel apples, bake your favourite apple recipe, make apple butter in the crock pot, or enjoy apples any way you like them.

Fresh Organic Apples Are In Wooden Crate On Harvest Day.

3. Shop for seasonal produce and flowers! The autumn harvest produces so many yummy things: brussels sprouts, figs, pears, pomegranates, fall squash. Hit up your local farmers’ markets to enjoy the bounty of the season. Pick up sunflowers, mums or dahlias to add pops of colour to your home and surround yourself with beautiful autumn blossoms. And if you’re looking for some inspiration, we always love Stone Gable for her lovely fall vignettes.

4. Knit! (or Crochet)! Craft yourself something lovely and cozy to wrap yourself up in this season. Whether it’s a sweater, warm woollies or a throw to snuggle into, knit or crochet yourself beautiful projects to keep you warm all fall long. If you need some inspiration, check out our post on Fall Crafting Inspiration.

Stack of cozy knitted sweaters, thick yarn and wooden needles on
5. Enjoy the leaves! All around us the trees are aglow in fiery reds, oranges and golds. Take a drive to go leaf peeping, rake leaves on your lawn and let the kids jump in, take a long walk in the woods with the leaves crunching underfoot, or press leaves and save them for decorations or future crafts!

Happy Canada Day Red Silk Leaves In Shape Of Canadian Flag.
6. Stock up on candles. As we change the clocks back and the days get shorter, add candlelight to your home to make it warm and cozy. Select autumn scents like pumpkin, apple, cranberry, fir trees or any aroma that you enjoy this season.

hygge and cozy home concept - oatmeal cookies, lemon tea and can

7. Take a weekend getaway! Go wherever the leaves are changing colours or head to the great outdoors for hiking, paddling or camping. Enjoy the cooler weather and get away before the hustle and bustle of the holidays. If you need some inspiration, we love these lists of autumn destinations in the US and Canada.

Wooden Dock On Autumn Lake

We hope we’ve given you some more fun ideas to enjoy your autumn!

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7 more Autumn Activities

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