A Brilliant Idea for Your Wedding

So much planning goes into crafting a perfect wedding day, but it’s easy to overlook small details of when things might go wrong- shoe prints on your dress from when an over-enthusiastic hugger stepped on it, makeup from yourself or family hugs, or food and drink from later in the reception. It isn’t just women who need to worry about this sort of thing- men’s suits are especially susceptible to makeup on the shoulders from all that hugging of friends and family, and it shows up on a black suit very easily.

This is why Eucalan wipes are about to become your secret weapon for your picture-perfect wedding. Eucalan wipes have stain-fighting and dirt-removing formulas that are gentle on fabrics, and are a concentrated version of our delicate wash.  They come in small, single use packages that make them perfect for all kinds of uses:

In the bathroom (both men’s and women’s!) at the reception. It’s common practice for there to be a basket of products that your guests may want to use while at the reception such as mouthwash, a sewing kit, nail file, hair spray, etc. Adding in some Eucalan wipes will be a thoughtful touch to help keep your guest’s dressy clothes stain-free and looking their best, even if they did spill a little something.

For your bridesmaid’s handbags. Those beautiful dresses are magnets for wine and food at the reception, or even traces of make up. Help them look their beautiful best by including some Eucalan wipes in their bags to spot clean whenever the need arises.

For YOUR dress! Be sure to tuck a few wipes in your own handbag, or wherever you are keeping your things that you might need during the wedding reception. With so many people hugging you and come up to congratulate you, it is easy for them to get make up, food or drink onto your beautiful dress, or possibly even stepping on parts of the dress. Eucalan wipes will clean up almost anything that ends up on your dress, and your attendants will be able to help spot clean any part of your dress that you can’t easily reach.

Here is a quick video that shows you exactly how to use the wipes:

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