Pet Care with Eucalan

Eucalan is wonderful for all sorts of delicate washing for fine garments, knitwear, lingerie, and quilts, but it is also brilliant for pet care –  Did you know that you can wash your dog with Eucalan? It’s true! The natural formula and essential oils mean that it is non-toxic and supremely gentle on their fur and skin. Try the Eucalyptus scent to help repel bugs and ticks!

Pet Care with Eucalan |

And of course, you can wash your cat. Sometimes cats get into sticky messes and need a bath, too.  You can use Eucalan just like you would any other pet shampoo.

Pet Care with Eucalan |

How to Wash a Pet Bed

Pet Care with Eucalan |

For washing a dog or cat bed, you can easily wash it at home in your washing machine with Eucalan.  Pet bed too big to fit into your washing machine? Go to a local laundromat and take advantage of the oversized machines! To wash a pet bed in the machine:

Step 1: Using a pet hair brush, lint roller, or sticky tape; remove as much pet hair from the bed as possible.

Step 2: place the pet bed into the washing machine, open end down – the bottom of the pet bed should be facing you. This is to help ensure an even wash through the machine and prevent water collecting in the bed during the spin cycle and making it overly soggy.  Add one capful of Eucalan (or one travel pod) in the scent of your choosing. Eucalyptus is great for deterring bugs, and if your pet has especially sensitive skin, go with Natural – it’s unscented.

Step 3: Once the washing machine has completed its cycle, remove the pet bed and let dry in the bathtub or shower. If the spin cycle of your washing machine has done an effective job in removing most of the water and the fabric is not at risk for shrinking, you can put your pet bed in the tumble dryer on a short, low-heat cycle.

How to Wash Pet Toys

Pet Care with Eucalan |

Pet toys should be washed regularly, even if they have only been played with indoors. You know how gross and wet toys can get after a pet has really given it a good chew! Here’s how to wash all sorts of pet toys with Eucalan:

Step 1:  Remove as much pet hair as possible from the toy, particularly if it is a knit or fabric toy. Use a lint brush or sticky tape.

Step 2: Fill a sink with cool water, and add one capful or one packet of Eucalan in the scent of your choice. We recommend Natural for toys, which is unscented.

Step 3: Put the toys in, and let them soak for about 5 minutes, then gently agitate the water.

Pet Care with Eucalan |

Step 4: Drain the water, and roll the toys in a clean towel. Let toys dry away from heat or light.

Pet Care with Eucalan |

While the time it takes to wash your pet can vary, washing their toys and bedding is a snap. Having a regular routine for washing their bedding and toys reduces pet odors significantly and helps reduce allergens in the home as well.

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