Season Shift: Transitioning your Knitwear from Summer to Fall

Seasonal shift: Summer to Fall |

With the changing of seasons, much of our summer wardrobe will be set aside and our fall and winter clothes will make a comeback.  Most people either have their clothes in their closets year round regardless of the weather, while others pack  things away when the seasons shift. Regardless of your storage preference, it’s worth taking some time to properly care for the clothes that you probably won’t wear again for another six months.

Caring for Knits |

Moths are a harsh reality for some. Even if you have never had any, there’s always a chance they could happen. As it’s extremely difficult to get rid of moths once they discover your closet, preventative care is really worth it.  If you store out-of-season clothes somewhere outside of your home (for example,  a garage, shed, or storage locker), you will definitely want to use storage containers that are airtight and cannot easily be opened by temperature shifts or even clever critters.

To Prep your Summer Clothes:

  1. Gather together all the clothes that you are unlikely to wear until next spring.
  2. Wash everything. For your summer dresses, swimsuits, blouses, and any other specialty fabric you might only wear in the summer, wash with Eucalan.  Spot treat any stains or marks.
  3. Make sure everything is dry before returning it to your closet, or store in air-tight storage containers. Vacuum seal storage bags can also be great for this. If hanging items, do not hang any heavy long sleeved items, as the hangers will leave dents in the shoulders when hung for a long period of time.

What about those fall and winter clothes you are about to revisit? Chances are, they are wrinkly and looking tired, possibly even showing food or drink spots you never knew were there, if you forgot to clean them before setting them aside for half of the year.  Sweaters in particular can look rather rumpled after being in storage, and benefit from having their fibers plumped through washing. Time to get them looking fresh and ready to wear for fall!

To Review your Fall/Winter Clothes:

  1. Pull out anything you haven’t worn in the last 6 months from your closet or storage containers.
  2.  If there are any items that don’t fit well or you don’t love anymore, put them aside to donate to a local charity.
  3.  For the remaining sweaters and clothes,  wash gently with your favourite scent of Eucalan. Lay them flat to dry, reshaping your knits if necessary.

Now you are ready to wear your beautiful fall clothes! Knowing that they look their best should help take some of the sting out of the fact that summer is on its way out.

The photos in this post are all from our Eucalan Instagram account. If you haven’t taken a look at what we’re sharing, you’re missing out! We also often repost from other beautiful Instagram accounts when they are using Eucalan, too. You just might find your new favourite feed!



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