Guest Post: Baby Care with Mari Knits

This week on the blog, we talked with knitwear designer Mari Chiba of Mari Knits. Mari is a blogger, social media maven, and new mother. Combining all these roles together, we wanted to find out why she prefers Eucalan not just for her handknits, but also to care for her new little one. Find out her thoughts and maybe learn a new way you can use Eucalan, too!

Babies are messy, and this means I’m constantly washing or wiping something. Luckily I have a lot of Eucalan – and it comes in super handy!
Eucalan wipes – You can probably guess, but I keep these in my car, in my diaper bag, and in my purse! They are so handy for wiping up baby spit up.

Eucalan Wash – I use this quite a bit, for a lot of different things:
   1. Washing nursing bras. Despite the fact that my little one is 5 months old, I still leak on a regular basis. Other moms will also know that getting spit up on your bra is all too common of an occurrence. The good news is, I get it all out with a quick wash in the sink with a little Eucalan!
   2. Washing baby toys. Over the holidays, we flew to Portland, Oregon and then to San Diego, and finally back home to Raleigh. Airports are gross, and Dash is at the age where he puts EVERYTHING in his mouth, so washing toys was essential. I did this while on-the-go with a few Eucalan single use pods I’d packed – at the airport, I just dampen a paper towel and add a little bit of Eucalan to spot clean; at home, I have the luxury of washing in a small tub or basin with some Eucalan, which also worked wonders at cleaning some adorable sheep slippers that can’t go in the washing machine. With how often his toys hit the floor, I try to wash half his toys at a time about once a week. I prefer to let them dry in the sun, and my drying rack has a net that’s perfect for holding toys!
   3. Did I mention we have a dog? I also have some diluted Eucalan in a spray bottle which I use to spot clean little messes. We have hardwood floors in half the house and carpet in the rest, and I use this on both! It also came in handy in the early days of babyhood when projectile spit-up was a regular occurrence.

webres-5204If you have other ideas for how I could be utilizing Eucalan to clean up the many messes I encounter on a daily basis, let me know!  

Visit the Eucalan website for more free tutorials for cleaning baby items naturally!

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