Product Updates: Better Than Ever!

Since the introduction of our Jasmine scent, Wrapture, we have been pleased with the warm response this romantic fragrance has received from our fans. It seemed only natural (pun intended!) that we updated two of our best-loved products to include Wrapture!


Our Gift Pack now includes 5 100mL bottles of Eucalan (one in each of our scent options); it is neatly packaged in a clear re-usable zipper bag that’s perfect for gift-giving. Include it with a cute baby item, beautiful lingerie or the lovely sweater you’ve knit.

Getaway Gang

The Getaway Gang has been similarly updated to include all you see here: single-use pods in each of our five scents, our stain-treating Wipes, a miniature sewing kit, and a nail file. Everything is packages in a clear re-usable zip bag which is easy to stash in your suitcase to keep your garments in great shape while away from home.


As travel season kicks into high gear, we hope you’ll find these product updates handy for all of your on-the-go needs!

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