Bathing Suit Do’s &Don’ts

swimwear2014You’ve followed this year’s trends and found the perfect swimsuit for Summer 2014 – that’s already a “do”! Now you just have to keep it looking great all season long by avoiding these don’ts:

  • Even if your swimsuit is white, don’t use bleach! Bleach is a sure-fire way to damage fibres and reduce the life of your suit.
  • Don’t machine-wash your swimsuit! This causes pilling and also breaks down fibres.
  • After each use, don’t forget to wash your suit in a mild detergent such as Eucalan to remove sweat, salt, chlorine, sunblock, bacteria and sand.
  • Don’t stretch out your suit by using a clothes dryer or hanging it up to dry! It’s best to use a towel to squeeze out the remaining water, then lay flat to dry out of direct sunlight.
  • Don’t use the same suit every day. Your swim suit will need 24 hours to regain shape, and it’s best to wait until it’s 100% dry before using it again.

No need to be intimidated by the above list – caring for swimwear is easy with Eucalan, we promise! In the short tutorial video below, Eucalan‘s managing director Jennifer Edgar shares easy-to-follow tips to keep your swimwear, workout gear and other technical fibres looking their best:

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