Cleaning Crash Course for New Parents

Image used via Creative Commons.

Image used via Creative Commons.

Many of our fans trust Eucalan for their priceless delicate items: fancy lingerie, a cashmere sweater, or a vintage dress. Perhaps the most priceless item of all, however, is your little one! Eucalan offers a non-toxic, gentle way to clean baby items such as wool diaper covers, stuffed animals, blankies and nursing bras (click here for easy-to-follow instructions!).

However, it can also come in handy with the thrills and spills of parenting – especially the spills! Keeping a spray bottle filled with Eucalan and water handy can be extremely helpful for cleaning up unexpected messes on carpet and upholstery.

Simply spray on the stain and allow to soak in for a few minutes before rubbing the area with a soft cloth; you can also use this mixture to clean just about any surface, which will simplify your life exponentially if you don’t have to keep multiple cleaning products at the ready. For particularly stubborn messes, you may need to treat the area with full-strength Eucalan.

You can also use Eucalan to clean your playpen in your bathtub! You will be surprised at how much dirt is lurking in there, but the good news is it’s quite easy to keep things clean using these simple instructions from the A Baby’s Smile blog.

Finally, our stain-treating towelettes are a diaper bag essential; they are perfect for cleaning up the inevitable spit-up while you’re out and about. These single-use towelettes are saturated with Unscented Eucalan and can be used to remove a variety of stains.

We’d love to hear your Eucalan story, feel free to share your cleaning tips with us in the blog comments!

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