Introducing Wrapture Fragrant Balm!

Wrapture Fragrant Balm Sept 30 2013
Wrapture Fragrant Balm
 is the newest addition to the Eucalan family of products. It is an all-in-one product which can be used as a fragrant perfume as well as to moisturise dry skin. The balm is a portable, compact handbag essential that is all natural, alchohol-free, and vegan; it contains no preservatives, colour or petroleum, and it comes in a durable tin that won't leak. 

"I am passionate about using natural products whenever possible for my home, my family and myself," says designer Kristin Omdahl. "Essential oils have been my perfume of choice for years, for the aromatherapy benefits as well as my personal choice to avoid synthetic chemical fragrance. But oils are difficult to carry in your purse, and especially difficult for travel. I love carrying my Wrapture balm in my purse. It's great for rough skin, cuticles, dry hair, but my favorite is to dab it on my pulse points & behind my ears for a pick-me-up subtle fragrance. It makes me smile."

Wrapture Fragrant Balm will be appearing in stores this fall; click here to find a retailer near you! 

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