Hosiery Care with VienneMilano & Eucalan

We've spotted some great looks for fall on the VienneMilano Blog, from patterned hosiery to couture looks from New York Fashion Week, there are plenty of great ways to spice up your wardrobe with the changing seasons. 


VienneMilano stockings not only look great, they are comfortable and STAY UP – and guess what they recommend to care for their products? Eucalan, of course! In today's blog post, we've collected some of the best care tips to make your hosiery last longer; with proper care, your investment can last through multiple washings so that you always look your best! 


Why Eucalan? It's quite simple: there are no bleaches or additives that might break down the elasticity of your hosiery. The no-rinse formula ensures your hosiery comes out beautiful with each wash, plus there are fewer opportunities to snag or damage your hosiery in the process if you aren't rinsing and wringing.
Of course, you'll want to be gentle when putting on and removing your thigh highs; be sure to remove your jewelry and keep your fingernails and toenails clipped to prevent runs and holes.

Should you spill anything on your stockings, you can spot clean with a soft, damp cloth and a small amount of Eucalan (or use a Eucalan Wipe if you are out on the town!).
Your VienneMilano stockings can be stored in the box they came in, or any cool, clean dry container that will protect them when not in use.

We recommend hand-washing stockings using the instructions in the video above (or here on our site) to prolong the life of your stockings. You can wash a few stockings at a time using the same water; we recommend calming Lavender, energizing Grapefruit or romantic Wrapture, our new jasmine scent. All three scents feature naturally antiseptic essential oils that are ideal for garments worn close to the skin.

Should you you need to launder in a machine, place hosiery in a mesh laundry bag or pillow case and be sure that it is separate from items with clasps or velcro.
After washing, lay your thigh highs flat (on a towel, for example) to air dry. Do not hang your thigh highs, as the weight of the water will make them stretch out of shape.

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