TNNA Recap

It's been a few weeks since our trip to the TNNA Trade Show in Columbus, OH! Wrapture made its official TNNA launch in the Deep South Fibers booth, where designer Kristin Omdahl was on hand to meet and greet with TNNA attendees – including Stephen West, who stopped by to give our jasmine scent a sniff! 


You can view more of our event photos (including shots from our recent TNNA trip) here on Facebook! 

Wrapture was included in Marly Bird's Designer Dinner Swag Bags, and we were thrilled to have our newest scent mentioned as a favourite on designer Simona Merchant Dest's TNNA Recap blog post. Other designers also felt the same way and mentioned Wrapture in their blog posts about TNNA, too! Below are just a few that we've come across recently; feel free to comment with a link to your blog post mentioning Wrapture if we have missed yours! 


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