Goodbye Sweaters, Hello Summer!

Is it FINALLY time to put away those winter woolens? Make sure you watch our latest YouTube Laundry Lesson before you store those sweaters for next year!

All garments will eventually develop pills due to friction from wear and laundering. You can use a sweater shaver or pumice stone to quickly and easily remove pills before washing your sweaters (and other winter woolens) and packing them away for the season. We recommend using our Lavender or Eucalyptus scented wash to take advantage of the moth-inhibiting properties – you'll be so happy you did so when sweater weather returns in the fall!

You need not pack away your Eucalan for the season, too – your favourite scent is great for keeping workout wear and swim suits looking like new! Click here for simple instructions on our site or watch our quick Laundry Lesson below! 

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