Laundry Lesson: Swimwear & Technical Fibres

We got an eyeful of fashion-forward swimwear, lingerie and activewear earlier this month at CurveNY and CurveNV! Bright colors, metallic fabrics, and the latest high-tech fibres were all in abundance at this month's trade shows. 

Did you know that each of these fibres require special care? Washing your lingerie, swimwear and workout wear with Eucalan will help them last longer; our gentle no-rinse formula protects the integrity of elastic and spandex, plus our formula is free of harsh chemicals that fade colours and dull metallic fabrics.

We recommend Lavender, Grapefruit, or our brand-new Jasmine-infused scent, Wrapture by Kristin Omdahl. All three formulas feature essential oils which are known for their naturally antiseptic properties as well as their pleasing aroma!

We show you just how easy it is to care for your swimwear and workout wear in our most recent laundry lesson on the Eucalan YouTube Channel



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