Knitting Daily TV

Exciting news!  Series 800 of Knitting Daily TV is now available for purchase on DVD, including two Eucalan-sponsored episodes. 

After spending so much time making a garment, sock, or really any hand-knit (or crocheted) item, knowing how to properly care for it will extend its life.  Watch the clip from episode 804 below for great tips on washing and blocking your finished projects.  Eunny uses Eucalan in this episode to hand-wash her sweater. 


Sometimes food, makeup and other stains find their way onto your WIP (work-in-progress).  When stains strike, Eucalan shines in emergency spot removal.  In the clip from Episode 813 below, Kristin Omdahl removes a stuboorn makeup stain live on camera using Eucalan Wipes.  She also gives some fantastic quick cleaning times for your delicate handmade items and talks about why she prefers a product with essential oils such as Eucalan for all of her hand-made and vintage care. 


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