Get to know Grapefruit

GrapefruitOur newest scent to the Eucalan family, Grapefruit is gaining in notoriety amongst our longtime fans as well as new users.  Grapefruit was our most popular scent in the Canadian Country Music Awards gifting suite, and it's a great scent for the spring months to come.  Grapefruit's energizing aroma is not only refreshing and uplifting to your senses, but the essential oil contains natural antiseptic and antibacterial properties.  This is perfect for washing anything that will be close to your skin such as lingerie or sportswear, although it's also great for baby items and hand-knits (it should be noted that grapefruit essential oil does not contain moth-inhibiting properties).

The grapefruit itself has a mysterious history; though it appears to bGrapefruitbottlee a hybrid of a large, sour citrus fruit called the shaddock (or possibly the pomelo) and the sweet orange, there are actually no records of intentional crossing of any of these plant species.  It's even possible that grapefruit were a spontaneously-occurring hybrid in the Caribbean.  The long and short of it is that we just don't know for sure how they came to be! 

Grapefruit arrived in Florida in the mid-1800s and their production spread to other states with similar climates; today, the United States is the top producer for grapefruit and pomelo.  The older varieties of grapefruit are better suited to juicing, and the production of essential oil is a by-product of this juicing process (the essential oil glands are embedded deep within the outer peel).

Have we piqued your curiousity?  Give grapefruit a try the next time you're shopping for Eucalan – natural and synthetic fibres alike will love a soak in this refreshing aroma, and your senses will enjoy it, too!

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