New Year’s Resolutions?

How_to_workout_wearIf you find yourself taking up yoga or spending time at the gym in 2012, chances are you've also invested in some brand-new workout wear. Protect your investment with Eucalan! Manufacturers recommend using a delicate soap to keep your garments looking and performing like new – the antiseptic properties of our Lavender and Grapefruit scents will clean and disinfect your clothing naturally.

Make clean part of your routine in 2012 – your clothing will last much longer if you follow our easy instructions:

Machine Wash – Front Load Machine:

Select Rinse and Spin cycle. Cold or tepid water.

Add Eucalan** to fabric softener drawer.

Load articles into machine and start cycle.

Follow drying instructions below.

Machine Wash – Top Load Machine:

Add Eucalan** to machine.

Select gentle cycle and add cold or tepid water.

Stop machine. Add articles.

Allow to soak 15 min. (minimum).

Gently squeeze articles to incorporate soap and water through fibres.

Spin water out.

Follow drying instructions below. Bottles

*Use 5mL/1 tsp per 4L/1G of water (more for heavily soiled items)

**Use 15-30mL/1-2 Tblsp per load (adjust amount based on size of load)


Important: Dry all items out of direct heat and sunlight.

Lay knit articles flat on clean dry towel. Roll article in towel to remove excess moisture. Lay flat to dry on drying rack or clean dry towel.

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