The Grammy’s Gifting Suite : Bet the Talent didn’t expect to Learn about Washing their Delicates!

Marla Maples - The 53rd Annual Grammy Awards Gifting Suite presented by 3 Wolves Productions at the London Hotel_ West Hollywood_ CA 02_11_2011 (Photo by JC Olivera)-37 Eucalan No Rinse Delicate Wash recently exhibited at the Red Carpet Grammy Gifting Suite in Los Angeles in the ballroom of The London West Hollywood Hotel, a boutique hotel with unique style, oodles of amenities and a celebrated chef to boot, Gordon Ramsey of “Hell’s Kitchen" fame.  The hotel was a perfect blend of modern touches and old Hollywood glamour – the bell staff offered top-notch service.

Set-up morning was hectic and crazy as we prepared for the rush of talent promised to be walking through the ballroom doors.  We had the morning of February 11th to organize and ensure our gifts to celebs would be perfect. 

The madness began at 11:00am; Jennifer and Tabatha talked, smiled, and even posed for photos straight through to 6pm – barely even taking a break to hit the ladies room! 

The guests were gracious and appeared truly interested in caring for their clothing in an environmentally friendly way.  All of the celebs spent time asking questions and learning about Eucalan, how to use it, and why it was better than traditional mainstream delicate soaps and detergents. 

Many expressed the need for travel items – needing to wash up a few things while away from home in a hotel room sink.  Eucalan’s handy individual use singles fit the bill perfectly! 

Mothers of the many Nickelodeon kids were impressed with Eucalan’s stain-treating Tonya Lee Williams - The 53rd Annual Grammy Awards Gifting Suite presented by 3 Wolves Productions at the London Hotel_ West Hollywood_ CA 02_11_2011 (Photo by JC Olivera)-13 towelettes and said that their kids often needed a quick stain treatment before going on-set or auditioning. 

Pets were also a popular topic – not just one pet, but multiple pets and pet hair were both noted as a garment care problem.  The solution was easy: Eucalan’s pocket-handy “peel and pat” lint removers would keep clothes free of pet hair.

Eucalan also dared to ask:  Do celebrities do their own laundry?  The overwhelming response was “YES!"  Even some of the kids admitted to caring for their own garments.  Yet another celebrity myth desmystified! 

It was an exhausting day and although the talented guests most likely did not expect to be learning about laundry, they embraced it with lots of smiles, enthusiasm and interest.

-Submitted by Eucalan

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