Washing your BFF (Best Friend Forever)

My son received a beautiful and snuggly blue bear when he was born almost 8 years ago.  He was appropriately named “Blue Bear” and became a life long friend to my son.  Blue Bear has been a night-time companion, confidant, and ghost-buster.  He goes to most sleep-overs, has been a hit at many show-and-tells and pajama days at school, and he has occasionally managed to escape to the park for play dates.   As you can appreciate, he has had several baths (each under close supervision by my son) and I thought I’d take a few minutes to demonstrate how your child’s BFF can easily be laundered with Eucalan.


1st:  Pour a teaspoon of Eucalan into a basin and add tepid water.


BFF sink

2nd:  Add bear and submerse into the water and bubbles.


BFF soak

3rd: Allow bear to soak for 10-15 minutes to soften dirt and grime.


BFF sitting

4th:  I then took a soft tooth brush and gently brushed in small circles all over Blue Bear.  I even put some Eucalan full strength on the tooth brush and worked away at Blue Bear’s nose and tummy which were particularly dirty.


5:  Put bear in washing machine and turn dial to spin.  Spin water out.  Alternatively, remove bear from water and squeeze out excess.  Roll in clean dry towel to get out even more water.


6: I chose to hang Blue Bear to dry and then fluffed him briefly in the dryer afterwards.


BFF drying


Although Blue Bear will never be “good as new”.  His gentle baths in Eucalan will keep him soft and as clean as possible, extending the life span of my son’s beloved BFF. 


We’d love to hear about your BFF laundering stories.  Include a picture if you have one!


– Submitted by Tabatha

3 thoughts on “Washing your BFF (Best Friend Forever)

  1. Excellent, I loved it. A traumatic event in every child’s life when you have to wait for your best friend to be washed and dried and hoping all will come out well. Thank you for sharing.

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