Does this get your attention?

After many requests from retailers over the years we've come out with our new Point Of Purchase display.  We're very proud of our newest edition and will start rolling them out to stores early this summer.  It's an attractive countertop unit and holds an assortment of our entire line of Eucalan products – including No Rinse Delicate Wash in all scents and sizes and On The Go Clothing Care which consists of our stain treating towelettes and "peel & pat" lint remover sheets.  Actually, we think it's quite pretty!  The graphics are soft and soothing and when the POP is fully stocked it looks so lovely.  We're encouraging retailers to carry the full line of Eucalan because many stores carry only certain sizes or scents – whatever is their personal favourite.  Sometimes it takes a customer to request something specific in order for the store to consider carrying anything else.  Now we'll be seeing a wider assortment available in more stores and the POP is expected to draw more attention to the product.

Recently we placed two prototypes in local stores.  Tabatha was in fine form setting up the POP's which is good since I brought along my camera!  First stop is John M. Hall in Paris, Ontario.  They're our local linen store and a big attraction for visitors to our beautiful town.  Hall's is in a great old building with creaky wooden floors and a great view of the Grand River from the back of the store.

JMH sign 

Isn't this an awesome door?!

JMH door 

Tabatha hard at work…

JMH starting 

JMH singles 

JMH finished 

Next we're off to Nina-Brie in neighbouring Brantford.  This is the place for fine ladies fashions.  Actually it's where I purchased my first Linda Lundstrom LaParka about 14 years ago!  It's a gorgeous periwinkle blue and looks like new thanks to caring for it with Eucalan.

NB sign 

There seems to be a theme here…Tabatha's hard at work and I'm…taking pictures…

NB Tab 

…and shopping…

NB clothes 

Et voila!  The finished display…

NB pop



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