Gadsby’s Spring Open House

Gadsby's inside
Saturday was a fun-filled day at Gadsby’s Spring Open House in Cambridge, ON.  The bright and colourful men’s wear store was hopping when I arrived at 10:30am; men were busy trying on both casual and formal wear while their wives had a specialty coffee in hand and were shopping the ladies section.  The atmosphere was inviting and with bistro tables and casual “living room” furniture, Gadsby’s customers were truly enjoying their shopping experience and for many, spending several hours browsing the shop and talking with friends.  Large pieces of art, a bright yellow moped, and a huge stretch limo (parked out front with a red carpet leading to the front doors) added extra elements of interest and many wondered aloud what they needed to do to get a ride in the limo!

Eucalan was invited to assist customers with care questions regarding Gadsby’s high-end products such as fine alpaca v-neck sweaters, pima cotton crew necks and Tilley’s travel lines.  Customers often indicated they were planning a trip soon and could use a small bottle of soap for washing up a few things in their hotel room.  Eucalan was pleased to hand out  stain treating towellettes to Gadsby’s guests and one fellow quickly used his to remove a scuff from the knee of his pants.  Impressed with the results, he came back to share the story with me.

After noon, a jazz band played and people hung around enjoying sandwiches, sparkly beverages and sweets.  People expressed how much they enjoyed shopping at Gadsby’s and many were long term customers.  One man indicated that everything except his underwear had been purchased at Gadsby’s!  He was also proud to say that he does all of his own laundry.

Thanks for a fantastic day Paul (owner of Gadsby’s)!


– Submitted by Tabatha

Gadsby's entrance


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